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Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create high-impact conversations with customers about your brand, products or services. We’re here with a guide to help with developing influencer marketing strategies specifically for your own brand. 


Our Influencer Management Services will connect your brand with the content creators in the relevant niche in order to achieve successful influencer campaigns 



  • Micro-influencers could be anyone who is active on social media with a group of less than 10,000 followers. They often post about the products they love and share real reviews about them because they love them and not because they are paid to do so, creating a trust between them and their audience. Their fans are usually even more engaging than macro-influencers, with engagement rates soaring above 25% in many cases.
  • Alpha or Macro-influencers are content creators with a follower count between 10,000 – 1 million. These accounts have a decent engagement rate of 5%-20% and usually show a good reach.
  • Mega Influencers are flat out famous celebrities. They could be actors, musicians, reality celebrities, social media icon or anyone with over 1 million followers who cost a lot of money but usually engagement rate only scuffle around 2%-5%. They are best suited for generating overall awareness for your brand real quick.



How to create an influencer marketing strategy

Like any marketing tactic, an influencer program takes deliberate targeting and planning.



Much like any strategy, research is the first step. Choose the network you want to focus on first. You can always expand to other networks later but if you’re just starting out, stick with it. Look into the type of influencers you’re interested in. Are you going for celebrities with massive followings? Or micro-influencers with less than 2000 followers? Perhaps something in between in the 5–10k follower range is more your preference. Whatever you decide to focus on will determine your budget. Compensation varies wildly, too, so be sure to look at common rates for those influencer types.


Set a budget and determine compensation

Now that you have some idea of what to pay influencers, you need to create your budget. Be sure to also factor in time for planning, executing and reviewing the strategy. Running a successful influencer marketing campaign is not a set-it-and-go type of strategy. It’ll involve careful monitoring and follow up.


Decide on goals and message

The two most common reasons for using influencer marketing are to elevate brand awareness and increase sales. However, instead of setting these broad targets as your two goals, it will be more effective to kick off on your strategy by honing in on what your brand’s needs are. Perhaps you want to increase your customer base in a younger demographic. Or you want to expand into a new user group with a new product. Or you want to skip trends and utilize influencers to talk about your brand values.


Find the influencers and contact them

Back to step one: research. With a plan set around your network, goals and what types of influencers you want to target, we go back to researching to actually find the right influencers to work with.


Review and change strategy

Even if the influencer marketing campaign is ongoing, we should still have pre-determined dates where we’ll measure its progress. The next part of this guide will go into how to track the results. 


Our Process For Influencers Management: 

  1. Assign a dedicated influencer manager to your account – Our manager will first research and learn about your business and then develop a campaign strategy for your brand and execute it. 
  2. Develop a campaign strategy that is catered specifically for your business – From research, influencer proposal, budget negotiation, monitoring and tracking for the entire campaign process and you are able to review and approve before anything goes live.
  3. Monitoring & daily maintenance – We will monitor all the influencer activities daily and optimise based on the performance. 
  4. Reporting & Communication – We will prepare a campaign performance report for you to review and we can further improve for the next campaiign based on the insights or key learnings.

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