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Why Is Content Marketing Important For Business: With 3 Steps Strategy Module

What is Content Marketing? 

A lot of people might confuse between content marketing and digital marketing, content marketing is part of a digital marketing journey. Content marketing is not easy, it can be seriously hard work but it would pay off in the long run.

As of today, traditional marketing is becoming less effective, time-consuming and higher cost of engagement. So, content marketing has become a popular way for brands and businesses to reach out and engage with the targeted audience.

According to Hubspot (2020), 70% of marketers are actively working on content marketing.

Content marketing is all about storytelling and that’s most people favourite part of reading a meaningful advertisement or content produced. All the content produced is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, shareable and consistent content to attract and retain visitors to drive possible customer action in the long run. Instead of pitching your product or services but by providing useful content to your targetted audience and relate to how it solves their pain point and challenges.


Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Without content, SEO would have nothing to crawl for search engines, how scary it is if one day we can’t search any information online? Every post update, every email, every landing page, they are all examples of content and content portray the message we want to deliver to the audience.

Content is the heart of what we do as marketers, we talk to our customers or clients and what we say to them are all a form of content. Utilise content marketing as your business long term strategy to build a strong relationship with your targeted audience by feeding them consistent, relevant and useful high-quality content. By all means, the targeted audience loyalty will lie on you and eventually will purchase your product and services.

Most importantly, content marketing often shows that you are caring for your customers and these will built a very strong bond and relationship with our customers.

Content Marketing Strategy 

Before sharing some content marketing reference case studies, let’s talk about how can we come up with a complete strategy so we can implement effectively.

We have to ask ourselves a few relevant questions in order to sketch out the direction as below:

  1. Who are the buyer personas and what are their content needs and preferences?
  2. What marketing objectives we wanted to improve by better using content marketing?
  3. Which content marketing metrics measurement should we imply to gauge success?
  4. How do we plan and structure the internal organisation?
  5. Any other additional marketing goals can we use content marketing to support?
  6. How much budget can we invest to better achieve the goals by using content marketing?

There are so many resources we can find online including this “3-D Content Module” from Pardot.

3-D Content Marketing Module

Implementing your strategy starting with these 3 steps:

  1. Map the content to the pain point or challenges.
  2. Map appropriate content for the problem
  3. Map the content to the buying cycle of the people who have the problem

If your content doesn’t cater to the right people with the right problem, then your content marketing efforts will be wasted and eventually no return of investment. So, always remember to extend your think from your audience to create your content for that audience.


List of Content Formats 

Are you stuck with what kind of content you can create? Here’s a list of them for you to work on:

Content Marketing Format


Content Marketing Examples 

We have compiled a few content marketing case studies from our internal clients and also some external resources for you to get some inspirations.

The Chateau Resort 

The Chateau Resort by Berjaya Hill is a French castle inspired resort located 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have created a series of princess diaries content concept for  #TheChateauDiaries Campaign. The created content is to demonstrate how a pair of real-life couple plan for their wedding bouquet while enjoying the journey with the resort.

The Chateau Content Marketing

After the collection of #TheChateauDiaries contents roll out on social media, then followed by a few selected famous influencers spreading #TheChateauDiaries content on their personal social media profile to sustain the talk about on social media.

The Chateau Influencer Content Marketing

The Chateau Influencer Content Marketing

The Chateau Influencer Content Marketing


Juice Works 

Juice Works is a local healthy juice brand from Malaysia. We have produced a sweet valentine’s concept for a seasonal flavour launch for the brand and we named it “Taste the Love”.

Juice Works Content Marketing



Chuck’s is a local brand curated by a well known social entrepreneur Jane Chucks. A Christmas set design video was produced to giveaway a 12-days of Christmas goodies for the customer to enjoy.

Tien Tien Yogurt

Tien Tien is also a local curated healthy yoghurt drink brand from Malaysia. We have created an active lifestyle video to highlight the store speciality of customising your favourite drinks with any toppings you want.

View this post on Instagram

让你酸奶味道更上一层楼就是要加topping啦‼️😋 💜想加点口感软糯可口的紫米、 ❤️还是你要浓郁香甜的红豆、 💛或是养颜补血的红枣、 🧡抑或是超香的燕麦? 可以可以!👌你要加多少就加多少!😍😍还可以继续加,没问题哦👍今天就来我们天天酸奶买酸奶加topping!😎 Ahhh! Do you know that you can only get yogurt with toppings at Tien Tien? 🤗 The soothing feeling of yogurt with add on topping is to-die-for especially on this hot weather! ☀️ 💜 Love the soft and delicious purple rice? ❤️ Yearning for that rich and sweet red beans? 💛 Heart is set on the eye-catching dates? 🧡 Like the milky fragrant oats? Every topping is possible at Tien Tien! Confused on what to choose? Worry not, just mix and add all your favourite toppings at once! 😍😍 Get your yogurt craving (and of course with the best toppings) fix only at Tien Tien today! 😎 #TienTienYogurtMY #天天酸奶 #天天精彩 #yogurt #yogurtdrink #ss15 #subangss15 #ss15奶茶街

A post shared by 天天酸奶 (@tientienyogurt.my) on

We have also created a series of concept shooting for Tien Tien Yogurt 5 Signature drinks, each image representing the kind of audience hobbies, professionalism and interest.

Tien Tien Content Marketing

Dayre Community

Dayre Community is a platform where women from all walk of life can gather together. They have created a series of #RealGirlTalk to share their struggles, fears, and vulnerabilities while learning from others who can provide guidance.

Dayre Content Marketing


Lush Cosmetics

An international cosmetics brand aims to save the planet. During the period of #COVID19 , most of the businesses affected badly due to the locked-down movement. Lush Cosmetic has launched a series of “Lush Weekly Guide” to keep people staying from home could learn and entertain from the content they produced.

Now you have learned our three steps content marketing strategies, you can kick start your content marketing journey!

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We look forward to see you soon!