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Content Marketing Strategy for The Beginner 2020

Simple Guide of Content Marketing for beginner

What is Content Marketing?

What is Marketing Content

Everyone is talking about content marketing and contents are shown everywhere in our life, every post that we have seen on social media despite by brands or an individual, an article we read online. a poster that sticks on a wall, flyer that we received in our mailbox, billboard on the road, or even a podcast is all content marketing.

There are so many definitions of content marketing, to us “Content Marketing” is creating something with a purpose strategically. Content marketing is typically used to increase brand awareness and engagement, attract the audience attention, building and bonding relationship, building community and database, generate sales leads to drive purchases or conversion.


Who Will Be Involved to Produce Content Marketing?

The answer is everyone from a company, anyone can be a content creator or even your nanny! It is because asking contribution from people that have expertise on the content subject would be more effective to produce high-quality content. For example: if today we are planning on creating a content subject related to a series of designing tips and we are not designers so ask the designers to input and share their secret tips!

However, there are still a few key persons who produced heavily on contents which including content strategist, copywriter, designers, photographer and videographer.


Content Marketing: Four Steps of Buying Cycle 

This is why content marketing is important for every business. With all the efforts and time investing in content marketing will lead to your desired return on investment.

Awareness – Awareness is a primary intention for every business, sometimes a consumer may not aware of the need of a product or service or product but if we planted in the awareness, your solution will first come into their mind when they needed.

Research – Once the customer is aware of a solution, they will search online to educate themselves from the contents and reviews to fit their needs.

Consideration – At this point, the customer will compare different products and choose the best product with fair price among the options.

Buy – Lastly, the customer will make a decision to purchase the product or service.


List of Content Marketing Type

As we are in social media and online industry, we will share more of this direction instead of traditional content marketing.

Social Media – It can be in the still format (an image) or moving format (a video), we have to consider creating based on the social media platform optimise measurement and mobile optimization. Not to forget a tweet update too!

Image/Photo – Always be creative and think of the box with no restriction, an image can be a lifestyle image or a graphic image of mixture of both lifestyle and graphic.

Video – Based on Oberlo, here’s some statistic to feed you before creating video content. Video content can be either high cost producing or low cost producing, live video, motion graphic video or animator video.

Video Content Marketing Statistic

Video Content Marketing Statistic 2

Website & Blog PostWebsite is a content hub and the root of every business. We can also think of it as your home, the domain and URL will be your home address and in order to complete our home we will need to renovate(design) and fill in with furniture(content). If our home is resourceful and pretty, eventually will attract a lot of visitors to our home. Here’s a website home page we have created for our own.

Tinker Society Website Content Marketing

Blog Post is a way of keep producing informative and descriptive content that would effectively improve on your website organic search ranking on a search engine. Here are a few great websites producing quality content within our digital industry including Neil Patel, Moz, Hootsuite, Hubspot and etc.

Blog Content Marketing


Email Content – Most people with internet access is using email and email marketing helps you build the relationship that content marketing sets out to achieve. In addition, email marketing also helps you to remind your customers or subscriber of what your company brings to the table. There are many e-mail marketing tools available, such as MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, OptinMonster, SendinBlue and etc.

Wanderlust Email Content Marketing

Podcasts – Human voice can convey much more meaning through the tone than printed word, people listening from adventure, comedy, drama to classical music concerts and news. A recent new platform of storytelling through voice.

Podcasts Content Marketing


E-book – This is one of the best ways to show people how trustworthy you are by creating your own version of an e-book on a subject they need of the answers. With e-book’s content, can help you to communicate with your target audience and growing the list.

E-book Content Marketing

To get started, determine which type of content suitable for your business and platform, develop a content marketing strategy to begin. Click HERE to check out other useful information too!