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The Ultimate Guide of Social Media Branding Strategies For Brands

The born of social media platforms have become one of the most effective online marketing strategies for every business to market your brand and stand out from the competitive crowd. Other than your brand website, social media often is one of the first touchpoints customers might have with your business where you introduce about your brand and what your business offer. It is an incredible way to build long-term relationships with the interested audience who are potential to become your customers. However the effect of social media marketing does not come in instantly, it requires strategy in place and effective implementation to give you a significant result over time.

Why You Need Branding For A Business

There are so many competitors in the market now, branding is one of the ways that could help you to stand out in the market. With strong branding on social media, it helps the audience recognise you, keep them interested to follow your brand, engage with your brand and eventually purchase something from you because they love your brand and products.

A brand is more than just a logo. A brand is how you make your customers feel, remember and it’s built by having a consistent approach across every interaction with your brand. Most major brands investing in large creative and social media agency to create and manage their social media branding.

#1 Cover Your Basics On Social Media

Every social media bio and about us is all about making impactful and informative first impression. Audiences mostly will usually scan your business bio and photo before deciding whether to engage with your content and follow your brand account. Hence, setting up and structuring your covers are as important as your contents. Making sure to have a consistent logo, colour palette, description well prepared on every of your profile. AColourStory Instagram Bio

  • Include A Well Description – A short and catchy lines that can portray your uniqueness and USP of the business.
  • Contact Information – Every brand page must have provided a contact method, email address and contact number are commonly used, you can also direct people slide into your DM for a message.
  • Call-To-Action – Having a call-to-action in your social media is a must, so you can incorporate with “Shop the latest collection”, “Check out the latest post” and etc to remind the audience they need to take an action if they are interested to find out more.

#2 Extend Your Visual Branding

So now you have a consistent and organised visual brand across the social network accounts, so you are ready to enhance further. Down to the road of content marketing, always be align and consistent to have the same colour palette and fonts that reflected in your brand’s content visuals. So whenever the audience or customers see a posting published from our account, they can easily recognise based on the brand identity and familiarity.

#3 Develop Your Brand Persona

Establish an iconic and unique brand voice to make your update standout from the crowd. The conversation style can also help to build a true connection with your targeted audience, especially if your voice is in tune with their liking. Stick to your voice and main topics to enforce your brand’s image. Mail Chimp’s style guide covers areas including social media and newsletter. Mail Chimp Brand Voice

#4 Customer Experience Is The Best Marketing

In fact, many businesses success can be attributed to outstanding customer experience. The skincare and makeup brand Glossier has a customer-centric business model with a disruptive customer service team to preach “skincare first, makeup comes second” idea. The Glossier customer service team also known as the gTEAM is responsible to follow up and responding to customers comments and enquiries on social media to create a top-notch individualised experience for each engagement. Glossier Social Media Customer Experience


Social media branding is always an effective tool for maintaining a consistent brand image in order to build long-term brand authority, improve consumer engagement, build brand love, make history for your brand. Glossier Email Customer Experience

The emails were clearly written by real personnel with a warm and friendly manner and provided helpful and qualitative feedback to the customer. So be sure to put into your business practice, make sure you are responding to customer feedback and fulfil their needs.

#5 Identify The Influencers of Your Niche 

You don’t have to power through the social media world alone, research and find out the list of influencers that suitable for your business or industry. They can be in a great role in brand advocacy for your business, reach out to them for collaboration

No matter what business or industry you are in, you should know that customers are more interested in your brand’s personality and story behind. Social media is definitely a proven tool and platform that could take relationships to the next level. If you need help to improve your social media branding, contact us today at wink@tinkersociety.com