cat commercial: a gray cat is always pleasing to the eye, like this one!

Cat Commercial Class: The First 8 Irresistible Cat Commercials You Must Watch

Catvertising refers to the use of cats in advertising. Known as cat commercials when in video format, catvertising is a great way to grow your business and boost sales. 


So what’s stopping most businesses from creating cat commercials? What’s stopping them is their belief in the biggest myth: that only video advertisements for cat products should feature cats— when in reality, cats can help market about just any product or service. Just think about it this way: great cat videos receive millions of views, meaning that you’re missing out on millions of views just by not including felines in your marketing campaign, and videos allow cats’ personalities to shine and make people laugh.


After going through lots of cat commercials, here are the ones we have selected, not only for you to watch and be entertained by—but for you to learn from and emulate for your future cat commercials. After all, every business must eventually have one. Feel free to click on the bolded subheadings to watch these ads on youtube.


The First 8 Irresistible Cat Advertisements You Must Watch


Cat Commercial 1: “Cat Love” by Whiskas

Whiskas' cat commecial

Courtesy of Whiskas on youtube

With their tagline “Get More”, Whiskas pretty much nailed this ad, which features a man (and in another similar one, a woman) being affectionate with his beloved cat. Anyone with cats in their lives would be able to relate to this heart-warming cat commercial easily. The idea is simple as it focuses solely on human-cat interaction.


Cat Commercial 2: Mercedes-Benz CLA Cat Commercial

Mercedes-Benz cat commercial

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz on youtube

A simple “Meeeeoooowwww” as a sound background may be all you need to make people believe in your new car model, as demonstrated by this stylish 30-second ad by Mercedes-Benz. It makes brilliant use of a cat’s physique to demonstrate the aerodynamic shape of their latest model.


Cat Commercial 3: Netto Marken-Discount Cat Video

Netto cat commercial ending

Courtesy of Netto TV on youtube

Netto is a discount supermarket chain based in Germany. Their cat commercial wants you to understand two important things: a) cats are awfully to-die-for, and b) Netto is the ultimate place for grocery shopping due to its very affordable price. Indeed, towards the end of the video, a cat smiles after looking at the total price displayed at the checkout register, telling the audience that goods sold at Netto will also make people smile.

As you watch this commercial, you might notice cat memes that had gone viral earlier.


Cat Commercial 4: Three UK’s Cat Advert

TV Ad | #SingItKitty (cat commercial)

Courtesy of Three UK on youtube

The telecommunications company Three UK decided to join in catvertising with their simple idea: starring a little girl riding her bicycle as she lip-syncs to a very empowering song with her cat in the basket. Just as you’re about to think it’s just another ad, the cat lip-syncs along too. #SingItKitty


Cat Commercial 5: O2’s Be More Dog Campaign

be more dog cat commercial scene

Courtesy of Stash Creative on youtube

Another telecommunications company has also caught the feline fever. At first glance, O2’s “be more dog” campaign seems to be about being more like a dog if you’re a cat but it’s actually about exploring the endless possibilities life has to offer, going on adventures, and doing more than what’s expected of us— more specifically, by exploring the possibilities in the world of telecommunications technology. 

Side note: Although this ad makes being a cat sound boring, we still fall in love with the cat for its ability to move and actually carry itself like a dog throughout the video. After all, nothing could be better than a dog than a cat that acts like a dog! 


Cat Commercial 6: Lotte’s Fit’s LINK Ad

japanese cat commercial man at subway

Courtesy of bbfish1224_CM 中譯 part.3 on youtube

Fit’s LINK is a gum product by Lotte, a multinational company based in South Korea. Once the Japanese businessman in the ad places the gum in his mouth, a gigantic cat appears, turning his day into an incredible experience. All in all, it’s impressive that just within 15 seconds, the simple decision to superimpose a huge cat throughout the city manages to please the eye. 


Cat Commercial 7: Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Sainsbury's cat commercial for Christmas

Courtesy of Sainsbury’s on youtube

We had to include this cat advertisement into our list because of its cinema-quality and its message about the importance of giving. Sainsbury’s clearly knew what it was doing because not many ads are like this one.


Cat Commercial 8: Cravendale’s The Milk Matters

Cravendale's cat commercial

Courtesy of Lewis Fox (Proper Videos) on youtube

What you see in this cat ad is purely in the mind of a man who’s about to have his morning cereal— with milk. As he pours his milk, his cat comes closer, prompting him to imagine what it would be like if cats were a threat: that is, if they developed thumbs. And it’s really only a matter of time that cats will have thumbs, according to this man’s wild imagination. The bottom line is that this ad creates space for curiosity by going to the extreme of what the world would be like if cats had thumbs, and this alone is a hit.



By now, it’s important that you realize how much cats can do for your brand. Ask yourself: Why pay for influencers when cats are just as convincing? Integrate cat videos into your customer experience and your customers will thank you for that. Truly, cat commercials provide excellent return on investment with minimal costs

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