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How To Increase the Reach Of Social Media Posts 2020

Are you experiencing difficulties with organic reach and engagement on your social media platforms, especially on both Facebook & Instagram? Organic reach has become harder to achieve. As a marketer, you have to turn to creative ways to communicate your brand messages.

Facebook and Instagram Organic Reach

It’s a fact that depending on your page scale and content performance, organic reach on Facebook is at an all-time low of 1% to 6%. Facebook organic reach is still a struggle even for the biggest brands. Brand pages with more than 300,000 are achieving low organic reaches of less than 1%. And if you are doing nothing to improve this situation, your reach will continue to decline.

Facebook is leveraging on programming to identify which posts users might interact with positively and Facebook ranks such posts on someone’s feed accordingly.

Since Instagram started sorting posts on users’ feed with an algorithm, marketers have noticed a decline in organic reach and engagement on the brand accounts they are handling. It’s also affected the performance of individual accounts on Instagram such as influencers’ accounts. Furthermore, Instagram started to hide likes, making it harder for brands to gauge which kind of content performs best on influencers and competitors accounts. Thus, brands need to look beyond performance metrics & track comments, saves, Instagram story views, shares, and DMs to understand how the audience responds to their content.

Coming up next are awesome tips for growing your social media account performance.

10 Useful Tips For Social Media – Facebook

Optimise Content To Generate Attention And Shares – The Facebook news feed algorithms favour active advertisers and engaging contents, therefore, optimise your content for shares. As people scroll through their Facebook news feed, your thumb-stopping content should make them pause and read, with responses such as  “OMG, I must share this now”. The more reaction, comments and shares your posts get, the better your reach will improve, both organically and paid. Many Facebook media pages are doing great, like Eat Pray Love Malaysia.

Eat Pray Love Facebook Post

Build Organic Traction Before Promoting Your Post With Ads – In order to attain even more mileage from your paid reach, give your post at least 1 to 24 hours to gain some organic reach before boosting it with Facebook paid ads.

Post During The Best Times – Most users do not like brands that are spammy and over-the-board promotional. It’s important to post at the right times whatever the type of content you produce. Find out when your audiences are online and active on their social media platforms. Test this by publishing several postings and look for a stable pattern in which users respond. The following insight shows 9pm as the peak hour across the day.

Juice Works Facebook Insight

Create Attractive Images and Videos – Many brands remain unaware of the importance of creating quality content. The content you produce represents your brand and reflects on your brand image and brand quality. To stand out from the crowded news feed, it is essential to publish visually-appealing content. Publishing low-quality, unprofessional images and videos could harm your brand reputation. The following content was produced by Tinker Society for Chun Yang Tea Malaysia in conjunction with their “Matcha O Hojicha” new flavour launch, which garnered a double increase in organic results compared to past content.

Chun Yang Instagram

Use Facebook As A Community Hub – Make Facebook a community hub for discussion. Whether it’s a weekly chat or a place for digital industry gatherings or simple Q&A, your audience should see your Facebook page as a go-to spot for both help and inspiration.

Host Contests & Ask Questions To Encourage Engagement – A great way to increase engagement is to host contests. Everyone enjoys participating with the possibility of winning something. You will see a boost in organic reach by running a contest on Facebook that encourages users to comment on your posts. Here’s how Juice Works Malaysia runs its monthly top fans contest to encourage the Facebook community engagement with their page:

Juice Works Facebook Contest

Remind Fans To Turn On The Notification – We knew that even if we had over 1 million fans like on our page, it doesn’t mean that they will be seeing our brand content on their news feed. We can remind them by asking them to turn on the notification if they are interested in our brand content update.

Make Your Audience Feel Something – You should never beg for reactions but we can inspire the followers to react. One of the most effective ways to increase engagement is to appeal to the followers’ emotions. The more emotions people feel about a piece of content, the more likely they will react, share or comment on it and here’s how Red Bull did it with video content. Red Bull Facebook Video

Respond To Comment & Inbox – Social Media account cannot be sound dead and robotic, it has to have a human touch to keep your followers attended. So, always remember to respond to the comment left by people on a post. Whether you are answering a question or adding up more information to increase audience interest.

Go Live – According to SocialBakers, 80% of brands resulted in higher organic reach with Facebook Live videos. Live videos are easier to spark more conservation and truth-telling as it’s 100% unscripted. To unlock the Live full potential, you will have to explore with different topics and see what works best for your brand based on the engagement. SocialBaker Live Insight


10 Useful Tips For Social Media – Instagram

Post Consistently – Build relationships with your audience by publishing posts consistently. Keep up with your targeted posting frequency and use a variety of format choices to analyze and predict what works best for your brand’s account.

Create “Savable” Content on Your Feed – How we measure Instagram engagement has changed, as likes are now hidden. Right now, Instagram comments and saves are more important. As a result, your content direction should focus on creating content that encourages audiences to tap the save button. “Savable Content” refers to content people want to refer to or have a look at again at a later time.  As a brand, try to think about what’s important or useful to your audience and what they will find valuable. Furthermore, don’t forget to add a call-to-action (to save your fabulous post) in your post’s caption.

Tinker Society Instagram Insight

Increase Engagement With Instagram Stories Stickers – According to Instagram, 500 million active users use Instagram Stories every day and this number is still growing. Developing new ways for brands to engage with their followers, such as in the form of different engagement stickers for Instagram Stories, is an example of innovative effort on the part of Instagram. The Instagram Stories stickers is a great tool as it encourages followers to chat and to share their opinions or experience with brands. Familiarize yourself with the Question Sticker, Poll Sticker, Quiz Sticker, Countdown Sticker and Support Small Business Sticker on Instagram Stories.

Ask Me Anything Instagram StickerThe Quiz Instagram StickerCountdown Instagram Sticker

Always Test And Analyze New Content – Best content plan comes from experimentation! Always practise trial and error, sometimes mistake lead you to the best practice and stronger strategy. Here’s a scenario for agency content like us at @tinkersociety , we found out that our video content for customising GIF Stickers post is performing well compared to others.

If you are not sure where to start with content ideas, here are some options you may try out including lifestyle photo & video, memes, quotes, user-generated-content, mini infographic, interactive Instagram Stories, IGTV Series, Instagram Stories Filters and so on.

Add An Element Of Fun – We are seeing more and more brands add the element of humour into the contents like memes and trending topic to be relevant to the content. We think it’s the latest trend now too by adding Tik Tok fun byte-size video on Instagram. Wingkeh is one of the up and rising Tik Tok Influencers in Malaysia.

After all, you will still need to honour your brand’s overall tone and voice for the communication channel.

Encourage Share To Instagram Stories – It’s just a click away and almost effortless to share your post to Instagram Stories to increase the reach and remind your followers to check out your new post on the Instagram feed.

Share Data & Insight Your Audience Will Curious About It – Sharing data-driven content is another big trend prediction for 2020, a great example was from Spotify for their “Spotify Wrapped” campaign was very impactful and shareable.

We have also shared one of our recent customise Instagram Filter achievement on our Instagram profile and followers are very happy to say congratulation to us.

Create More Video Content – 2019 was a big year for Instagram Video creation and it shows no sign of slowing down. We have seen higher engagement and reach for video format content on Instagram including IGTV longer form of video. According to @creators , IGTV video appears x4 times larger than the photo on explore. You can also share a 60-seconds preview of your IGTV video on Instagram Feed.

Use Hashtags – Using new and relevant hashtags will seriously help to boost your Instagram reach organically and quickly. If you want to increase your Instagram post engagement organically, understand which hashtags are relevant to you and driving more people to your post. As you can see from the post insight, the particular post has gotten an additional 28 unique reach from hashtags.Instagram Insight

Post At Best Time – There’s no doubt but posting at the best time based on our brand’s account insight where your followers are most likely to see and engage with your post. Make sure you post at a variety of different peak times as not all your followers will be online at the same time. Tinker Society IG Time

Find & Collaborate With Influencers – One of the greatest ways to get more traffics to your brand’s Instagram account will be to engage and collaborate with influencers in your niche. These influencers can drive authentic traffics to your account with the right strategy in place.

Both Facebook and Instagram are an incredibly valuable social media platform for businesses and brands of all type. If you ever need experts to assist you, reach out to our team at wink@tinkersociety.com to find out how.