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6 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginner

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media has taken over the world by storm. Little by little it came and became the center of our lives. Social media is one big entity, without it, it is very hard for the businesses of the 21st century to flourish or prosper. It is a well-known fact now that businesses cannot run without having a social media presence. It is very normal that some people still believe that if they have a small business it does not necessarily need to be on social media which is not true! No matter how big or small your business is, it needs a social media platform. Now a day, social media marketing is considered the first step to run and start a business.

Social media platforms can help a person connect to his or her customers. This platform is considered one of the best tools in order to spread awareness about your brand and what products and services it sells. People do get intimidated by this though, especially the boomers. Just the mere thought of using social media kind of freaks them out, they believe they need to learn everything, all the buzzwords or have a large amount of followers. This is the thing about social media, you can start immediately! And then ultimately grow with time.

 Following are some of the social media marketing tips that will help you set up your business and learn how you can take leverage from this platform, especially if you are a beginner:

1. State your aims and goals 

State your aims and goals

Well, Duh! You need to know your goals in order to achieve anything in life. Similarly, in order to run your business and have its social media platform, it is essential for you to understand the “why” behind it. Why do you run this business? And why do you want to have a social media presence? Once you have decided your goal, it will become the driving force of your marketing strategy on social media. So what are you waiting for? Take out a piece of paper and start brainstorming now!

Before making goals make sure that your goals are SMART.

What are smart goals?

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Realistic

T- Time Bound

2. Take time to learn thoroughly about your prospect buyers

Identify your target audience and what social media platform they use


Once the first and the foremost step, which is, goals, is completed you can move on to the other most important step, which is identifying your target audience and learning about them. It is obvious that without knowing your target audience or without connecting to your prospect buyers, your strategy will fail. So in order to build a social media marketing strategy, it is important that the focal point of the strategy is its target audience. Once you have figured out who you are targeting, you will automatically be lead further. The target audience will itself show you which online platform is the best for your products and services and where there is more demand. For most of the businesses, finding the right audience has been the biggest challenge. Once you know that, everything else will fall in line automatically.

So, in short:

  1. Figure out who your target audience is
  2. What social media platforms they use.


3. Make use of social media content calendars

Make use of social media content calendars

We have been taught and told over and over how planning is the first step in order to achieve anything in life. Which is true, without planning it is impossible to achieve your goal and if talking about social media strategy planning specifically, it is very important! For this purpose, social media content calendars are the best. These will help you in getting a deep insight on what works for you and what not, how you can distribute your assets and how a team can work well and better.

 Out of all the templates which you will find, digital marketing agency kl works the best. The best thing about these calendars is that they allow you to set timings for when to upload and post your content. They even allow to put up images and much more, very easily and conveniently. All you have to do is create the calendar and update it, maybe once a week. Share it with your team members to get feedback and upload!

4. Benefit from the social media tools 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Now if you are a part of different media platforms, it can be hard to manage them all at once. Imagine a scenario where you have 7 to 8 platforms, and now you have to post the content on each one of them! It will drive you crazy, won’t it? This what the social media tools are for.

Saviors, as I like to call them. There are such tools on social media which can post things for you once you have assigned a proper time to them. So you won’t have to do and manage everything manually! Use scheduling tools which will auto-post the content for you. All you have to do is schedule all the updates before time. Try taking advantage of these tools as much as you can and do minimal work manually.

5. Use the pathos strategy in your content 

Use the pathos strategy in your content 

Human beings are emotional fools, we all are! Have you seen how advertisements which use emotional appeal are much popular than the ones who show facts and figures? Similarly, in order to sell your product, you need to shape it in a form of story, as you want people to connect with your brand emotionally.

6. Be transparent

Be Transparent

By being transparent we mean, make your brand more humane. Show what goes around in your office. You can connect to your audience or anyone by showing how similar you and they are. So show them how you are the same as them, facing the same challenges, show them your culture and what you stand for. All of this will help them connect to your brand.

The bottom line is having a social media presence is absolutely necessary for all types of business and in order to build a good social media marketing strategy it is important to use all the tools and take advantage of them.

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