Holiday season marketing Idea

Useful Online Marketing Idea in This Holiday Season

Need some inspiration for online marketing ideas in this holiday season? Here we list down marketing ideas for every key date! 

Marketing Idea October 31, Halloween

Marketing Idea for Halloween

You can always get into the spirit by including small treats or themed presents with customer purchases on or around Halloween, even if you can’t have an official trick-or-treat event. They’re much more likely to positively recall the memory of shopping with you. It’s a smart way to make shoppers remember you for your Halloween ads.

You will draw more engagements to your deals by using social media, as with any holiday campaign. On Facebook or on Twitter surveys, try doing a Halloween-themed giveaway. Ask your audience questions, and reward all participants along the way with material. Make sure that you give them their special promotional codes and gifts once you announce the winners.

Marketing Idea November 11, Single’s Day

Single Days Marketing Idea

Every year, Singles Day or Double 11 takes place on 11/11. Due to the reoccurrence of number 1, which is single in China, this date was chosen. Since number 11 is central to the holiday’s significance, you should try to incorporate it into your campaign. Emphasizes number 11 by giving $11 off to the consumers. The big, bold numbers also stand out and attract the attention of readers straight away.

One of the main features of Singles Day, like Black Friday, is that it is only one day. n your campaign, make this clear to really build up a sense of urgency to help boost sales. Creating FOMO (fear of losing out) will help you attract more clients who do not want your exclusive offers to be skipped.

Marketing Idea November 27, Black Friday

black friday marketing idea

For your customers, gift guides solve a problem: they easily find the correct gifts to purchase without fussing over them. And they find something worthwhile for influencers to share with their audiences that they’d love. Creating gifts collection on the website and get in touch with the influencers you would like to sponsor to take advantages of their audiences.

You may also aim to increase the average Order Value to make the most of profits, for example, by enabling your customers to save more by ordering more. This is a pretty solid strategy for your business. You can offer to buy a Y number of goods get X percent off instead of providing discounts for all goods on your website. So, for example, you can offer consumers a 35 percent discount for any two or more things they buy.

Marketing Idea November 30, Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday marketing idea

Another easy and low-cost strategy is here. Your usual consumer is most likely to have several different tabs on the busiest shopping days (or weeks now) of the year and is looking for the best deal. The lowest price, pure and easy, is the name of the game. And how are you doing that? You use shopping comparison engines (CSE’s) such as Google Shopping or As many shops as possible, you compare them. The customer lands on the page of your product, and if you’re lucky, they start checking out to see what’s going on.

Gift cards are fairly popular, especially during the holiday season. For small businesses, it’s also one of the smartest Cyber Monday concepts. For their friends and loved ones, particularly clients who are unsure about the gifts to purchase, you can encourage your customers and visitors to buy gift cards.

Marketing Idea December 14, Free Shipping Day

Free shipping day marketing idea

A one-day promotional event that takes place every year in mid-December is Free Shipping Day. Thousands of online retailers, both big and small, give free shipping on Free Shipping Day and guarantee your products by Christmas Eve. This year, Monday, December 14, 2020, will be Free Shipping Day.

Stores may include a code to be used at checkout or free shipping may be added automatically. Let the shoppers shop as usual at the online store and follow the instructions to get their free delivery at checkout.

Marketing Idea December 19, Super Saturday

Super Saturday Marketing Idea

Super Saturday takes place the last Saturday before Christmas, otherwise known as Panic Saturday, and is mainly an in-store occurrence, while shoppers who can not make it to a store or who can take advantage of quick delivery or pick-up-in-store options are still shopping online.

Considering flash sales that highlight limited-time deals, they are a perfect tactic to build urgency and drive any stock that shifts slowly. It’s also a perfect way to get individuals to regularly search the website for last-minute deals and offers. Don’t forget to use your website for email marketing to raise awareness and exposure of your flash sales events.
Marketing Idea December 25, Christmas

Christmas marketing idea

Everybody likes a great deal. Try instead to build product gift sets rather than handing out crazy offers to compete.

Without cutting too far into your profit margin, this would not only help you give your customers a bargain, but it also lets you increase your average order value. You will get your clients to purchase more than they initially intended.

You may or may not be selling gift cards in your shop now. If you’re not, they should make perfect gifts for Christmas!

Think about this. On your website, you have tonnes of goods. Your visitors may not know what they want to buy for as a gift. Therefore, it’s a good idea to let them get gift cards for themselves or their loved ones!

Now that you have the schedule for the marketing idea in this holiday season, markdown on your calendar, it’s time to explore it for yourself. Click HERE to check out more useful tips in our informative blog.