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Adapt New Digital Marketing Trend Covid 19

The new trend of digital marketing has been a new thing that we should look into in 2020 while everyone is striving to survive in a different industry. Hosting a workshop offline is a sure-fire way to engage and energize with your teams. But ever since the pandemic put a hold on offline education, there are a lot of webinars, online classes, and workshops ongoing, it has been rapidly changing and the virtual sessions can be as big as large conference room events! Hence, marketers should try to reimagine and implement best practices for these challenging times.

As shown by the research, quarantine and self-isolation mean customers spend more time on social platforms. The business implications caused by Covid-19 has shifted the customer’s attention to focus on essential needs such as foods, medicine, and other necessities. Data also show that media consumption across all in-home platforms has significantly increased. This means it has accelerated the demand for new visuals and creatives in digital marketing.

As the pandemic has been affected us until today, the consumer behavior has shifted due to their concern as shown below

#1 Increase interest in health-related products

Interest rises in nutritional products that can help to support the overall health and wellness.

#2 The Must Have

Customers will prioritize essential items such as face mask that will prevent virus containment.

#3 Daily Essentials

Stockpiling of daily essentials and shelf-stable foods has to lead to spike in-store visits.

#4 Increase online shopping

Due to quarantined living, a decline in-store visits, the consumer tends to do shopping online.

#5 Impact of Pricing

Fully restricted shopping trips, price concerns rise as there is limited stock available online.

#6 New Norm

People are living a new normal as they return to daily routines for example work and school, but operate with more cautiousness about health

Marketing Ideas that will inspire you during COVID-19

  1. No doubt since the outbreak of the pandemic, traveling is impossible until Airbnb takes travel online. They have come out with an idea of “online experience” where you can stay at home and pay to enjoy a magic show, concert, and have a virtual wine class.airbnb digital marketing idea
  2. As the government and health organizations around the world preaching about coronavirus, Nike encouraging people to ‘play inside’.They use standup: “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance”, it is a simple yet effective campaign, The campaign was reposted by celebrities to spread the awareness of knowing the importance of staying home.Nike-Coronavirus-Campaign-Branding-in-Asia-Magazine
  3.  Grab is the most useful apps that most people will install around the world. They let you order food, buy essentials, pay the bills, and more. During this pandemic period, Grab called for its driver in Singapore to volunteer to give the healthcare workers a ride to and from hospitals. Besides that, cashless payment and contactless delivery campaigns aimed at encouraging more users to stay safe.Grab covid 19 marketing idea
  4. Oatly is one of a great example brand that cares about its customers by helping them overcome lockdown boredom. They have created and launched a series of video tutorials on how to reuse the Oat Milk boxes. The content is engaging and could go a long way, which you can din them on their social media feeds!Oatly milk
  5. Unilever has ramped up their social responsibility by donating physical goods and adapt its manufacturing lines to produce medical grades products. They have contributed over million of donations to different areas, especially those rural areas with limited resources and fragile healthcare systems.unilever covid-19 marketing campaign

Adapting to the reality of COVID-19 should start with unrivaled knowledge of the digital landscape, having a deep understanding of whats work on your brand, and what’s not.

There are a few fast and simple tactics that you can implement when it comes to creating ads online

  1. Focus on creative on an ‘at home’ experience, you can have different sets of marketing strategies to test our and adapt what works.
  2. Emphasize the cause of marketing initiatives that your brand has implemented to support customers at the moment.
  3. Creativity is the key to drive business sustainability, it is important to adapt to the current situation by moving the offline experiences become online, provide free delivery or encourage customers to self pick-up after making the purchase online.
  4. Clear call-to-actions, consider the current situation of your customers and find the most convenient way and shorter paths to purchase online.

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you can get some inspiration and useful tips on the new digital marketing trend. Click HERE to check out the digital marketing services that we offered now!