Instagram followers

Want More Instagram Followers? Follow these 7 Effective Tips Now

Instagram followers

What do you get when you amass lots of followers on Instagram?


There is no short answer to that. What’s clear, though, is that besides becoming Insta-famous, having lots of Instagram followers gives you the chance to market products and services, even those that aren’t yours, hence giving you the opportunity to earn money by being an influencer. 


And if you’re a nice influencer, you could definitely use your large pool of Instagram followers to promote an important cause, such as poverty or climate change.


Now that you know you want people to follow you, you might jump into hosting contests, going Live, collaborating with lots of brands, and being active on IGTV. All these are great and do help you earn Instagram followers— but they’re not necessarily something you can start doing NOW.


That’s why we decided to write this article for you— to help you earn Instagram followers naturally and easily. Be warned though: These steps are simple but you do have to put them into action, which will require creativity in multiple forms, such as in terms of writing and design.


Have a look at these tips and put them into action to get people to follow you on Instagram— without having to pay a single cent.


1…Follow relevant accounts for more Instagram followers

follow other accounts for more Instagram followers

First tip: follow others if you want to be followed!


Whether the brand is your personality or a product you’re selling, taking the first proactive step of following other accounts is a must. More specifically, follow accounts that are related to who you are or what your product is about.

For example, if you’re trying to market your cakes on Instagram, it makes sense to follow other bakeries, cake shops, and independent bakers like you. If you’re simply trying to build a following around your daily life as a fashionable person, even following as many fashion magazines, retail brands, and fashion bloggers as you can, both local and overseas, can help. 


2…Join conversations for more Instagram followers

Imagine Instagram as a public space, like a conference, and you’re there to meet and talk to all sorts of people.


After clicking “follow”, join the conversation by responding to the posts of those you follow. You can respond to others’ content either by commenting or by asking questions. People like it when you show your interest by asking questions, and furthermore, showing you are interested will naturally make people wonder who you are and what you’re about too. After all, Stephen Covey wrote in his famous book: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”.


3…Post engaging content at the right times for more Instagram followers

posting at the right time also gets you more Instagram followers

Schedule your posts.

There’s no way around this: to have people follow you and stay as followers, creating quality posts is essential. Not only should your posts be attractive and speak to the emotions of Instagram users, but your posts should also be published at the times in which your target audience is on Instagram. In addition, try to post in a way that allows people to know when they can expect a post from you, which simply means you should post on a consistent basis.


In short, post inspiring content, post at the right times, and post frequently.


When creating engaging content, consider using interactivity features such as the poll, question, and chat stickers on Stories because again, people love being asked to share what they think. Tinker Society’s team is highly skilled at finding the best times for you to post your Instagram content, which is why many brands have reached out to them for help with scheduling posts for their campaigns. 


4…Write photo captions that stand out for more Instagram followers

Instagram followers will increase when you invest in copywriting

Good copywriting = Good marketing


Behind good marketing also lies good copywriting. Ensure the words that accompany your beautiful photos not only describe the photo, but help to spark a conversation about that photo. That’s our pro-tip for you.


Moreover, don’t forget to always use the tag function by tagging whatever it is you’re writing about in the caption. Oh, and never use boring hashtags that no one would search for.


5…Develop a graphic design that stands out and is consistent for more Instagram followers


The fact that every photo matters on Instagram just speaks for itself. Photos that make people stop scrolling—usually photos that involve images of people and optimistic photos—are the ones that end up having the most likes, comments, and shares.


Talk to Tinker Society to be guided on how to develop a stunning graphic design for your posts.


6…Talk about your account on other mediums for more Instagram followers

for more Instagram followers, mention your Instagram account on other platforms too.

Tinker Society’s website includes a link to its Instagram profile.


Two things here: a) you’d want those who aren’t on Instagram (but are on other platforms such as the Internet) to check out your Instagram profile and b) you’d want those who stumble upon your Instagram profile to go on exploring your content so that they stay engaged. In order to achieve these two things, it’s advised that you mention the existence of your Instagram account on your website, landing pages, Facebook account, blog articles, ads, video commercials, and physical brochures and banners. 


7…Create your own filters for more Instagram followers

creating your own AR filter can get you more Instagram Followers

Festive filters are also in.


It’s so competitive today that people resort to creating their own filters to help them stand out and be recognized by Instagram users. Using Spark AR, anyone can design their own Instagram filter. You may also reach out to Tinker Society, an expert in creating unique Instagram AR filters for brands in Malaysia. If you’re new to all this, AR stands for augmented reality.



Apart from these 7 effective tips, taking part in events, advertising on IG, and working with influencers can work wonders in getting you the number of Instagram followers you want. Reach out to us today for an exciting conversation and we’ll see how we can collaborate towards your brand’s success immediately. Finally, follow us on Instagram to witness our extraordinary work.