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Live Streaming -The Next Big Thing For Your Business!

What is live streaming?

COVID-19 has brought rapid and longstanding changes to the world. In only a matter of months, local businesses and multinational corporations quickly evolved their business operations and strategies to stay afloat. Essentially, many professionals are faced with the challenge of both remote working and creating video-based content & virtual events, both of which have become more important than ever before.

Live-streaming, a popular form of content, solves both of the above challenges. Going live provides a whole new platform for brands to reach clients and customers. Furthermore, the recent lockdown has resulted in an increase in people looking to build and maintain connections (The No.1 downloaded app, TikTok has recently announced a trial of its first live-streaming series in Bangkok), which just proves the point that live-streaming is the way-to-go if you wish to capture an audience in 2020.

As a result, many businesses are already taking advantage of the opportunity to livestream. If you’re still unsure, the following reasons will convince you of the remarkable advantages of live-streaming.

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How virtual events have shifted recently? Going live provides a whole new platform to reach clients and customers, an awesome opportunity to get your message in front of eyeballs. Many businesses are already taking advantage of the opportunity.

  1. A business live stream can help cultivate trust and transparency towards your brand – Live streaming video unlike the usual highly edited and polished video, viewers are very favourable to unpredictable and uninterrupted approach recording that shows the on-screen talent in an authentic and genuine way. The reality of live conversation positively affects the level of trust toward the talent, with more trust business will be able to gain more influence. If you share your expertise and knowledge live regularly, viewers will come back for more sharing.
  2. Live video is truly unique and creates real engagement – As a live streaming video is very unique, every moment hosted is brand new and draw more attention and compels viewers to interact with the content. Live video also allows for real-time interaction which creates an opportunity for host and guests to ask questions and share opinions instantly. The connection helps to build a better relationship between you and the viewers. According to Facebook, viewers comment x10 times more on live videos than on regular video contents.
  3. Live stream can raise brand awareness and turn employees into stars – A business can use live stream to project our brand message, it’s important to remember that viewers want to see the real you during a live stream. After a while with regular appearances, these hosts may turn into something more! Becoming on-screen personalities! Bash Clothing is a very good local online boutique example, consistently produce a lot of shareable and useful contents. They are also actively updating Instagram Stories and LIVE.

  4. Live video is easier to produce compared to on-demand video – You may think live is tough to start and setup, however, it’s so much easier compared to produce a polished on-demand video. A live-streaming doesn’t require much post-production which saves you a lot of time and money as well. After you nail the fundamental of live-streaming, the process will become a habit. So, we will only have to be creative to think of an interesting topic or content to talk during the live.
  5. Live streaming has opportunities to monetization – Some companies are exploring and started to monetize through live streaming. For examples: charging viewers for access to exclusive live webinars or training boot camps, doing paid product reviews, driving traffics to your website promotion or offer and etc.

What Content To Produce For Live Video

  1. Host Q&A Session – You can make your brand more accessible by showing to the audience you care about their doubts and concern. Giving them a chance to ask you questions about your products and services, and educate them through the live streaming Q&A session.
  2. Host a Tutorial – SoImJenn has worked on so many live contents during the MCO period, including a “How To Wash Your Face” with a skincare guru @wiwinmakes .


3. Broadcast Live Events – Ever since the global pandemic has happened, the event industry is heavily affected. In order to turn around for the situation, we can share an event in real-time virtually to the online community will increase the connection between the brand and the event. It can be a conference, a meeting, a webinar or even a virtual concert! Always remember to engage with followers while broadcasting by answering their questions, getting them to be involved, make them feel acknowledged and listened.

4. Host an Interview – Live steamers love authenticity, host an interview with the managers, employees, customers or any important people in your niche to give the viewers an authentic view of your business. A local and our favourite influencer #SoImJenn had an interview session with Nas Daily earlier during the MCO to chat about content creation, consistency and people.

5. Host a Meeting – If your business is looking to announce breaking news, do it LIVE! Ecoworld Malaysia has recently adapted themselves with the new normal, hosting their 46th AGM virtually with the management team. EcoWorld FB Live Meeting

6. Behind The Scene / Demo – Customers are likely to be involved with brands online, show them behind the scene view at your business to get interested and understand more about the business. For example, you can show how you produce your product, who created it or some funny behind stories.

Live streaming is a social media trend businesses should not ignore, as it makes businesses stand out from their competitors on crowded social media platforms. There’s not time to be camera shy—host a test meeting and start warming up to your camera. Test your audio and video to achieve the best video quality. Practice breeds confidence. Alternatively, leave your live streaming to Tinker Society, a renowned social media marketing agency in Asia who understands your struggle as a brand and will help you adjust to the new normal by making fundamental changes to your brand’s communication processes.