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How To Use Instagram New Features To Help Businesses 2020

As social media usage is prevalent nowadays, Instagram has always keeping updated and come out with new features to help businesses through this pandemic.

Businesses have been facing so many challenges, especially during this global pandemic COVID-19 crisis.

7 Well-Known Companies Shut Down Due To COVID-19 in Malaysia

  • Blu Inc Media – Sadly, Blu Inc Media is one of the oldest magazine media company that owned Malaysian Women’s Weekly, CLEO, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Clare and etc had ceased operations due to the challenges from the digital disruption and COVID-19 has hit them bad.
  • BBDO Malaysia – An award-winning agency has also closed down its office in Malaysia and cut down some portions of staff in Hong Kong to keep the team small while concentrating ventures into Beijing & Shanghai said by the CEO, Jean-Paul Burge.
  • Esprit – One of the largest fashion chains has recently announced that it will be closing 56 stores in Asia.
  • The Kinta Riverfront Hotel – The hotel is closed due to financial problems exacerbated by the MCO
  • G City Club Hotel – After 10 years in business, G City Hotel has decided to cease operations due to a drop in occupancy rate in recent years.

Facebook has launched a handful of new features to help with businesses on the Instagram platform during the COVID-19, which will allow users to show support for small businesses and also improved on content reach on social media to get the latest update as businesses deal with the fallout.

Instagram Stories Features

Instagram Stay Home & Thank You Stickers

Since the MCO has started in our country Malaysia on 18th of March 2020, Instagram has released two new stickers – Stay Home & Thank You for users to use when we create Instagram Stories. With the usage of this specific stickers, your stories will be shown organically first on everyone Instagram Stories line-up, besides it is also to encourage users to spread around the positive message and keep people stay home to do our part as citizens in order to help flatten the curve.

Food Orders

In collaboration with a few biggest food delivery application so food and beverage businesses are able to link their delivery channel on the social media platform to encourage customers to order delivery as many of them are not open for dine-in during the lockdown period. In this case in Malaysia, food and beverage can use this feature for GrabFood Delivery and FoodPanda Delivery.

Food Order Instagram Story

Supporting Small Businesses 

With the “Supporting Small Business” sticker launched, users can always show love to our favourite small businesses so our friends can see which business you support. We can mention business directly on our Instagram Stories with the sticker tagged to give the followers a preview of the account. The feature helps businesses to reach out to wider new customer and also stay connected with the online community.

Support Small Instagram Sticker

Gift Cards Sticker

On 20th May 2020, we have also seen there’s this Gift Cards Sticker made available on Instagram Stories to encourage buying a gift card for yourself or your friends and family. This feature in Malaysia can be linked with Fave App and Beep by StoreHub for now, so if your business wanted to incorporate to sell gift cards make sure it’s available on either one of the partner.

Gift Card Instagram Story

Launch of Shops at Instagram

Instagram has officially announced for the launch of “Shops” on the Instagram platform, an online store where customers can access on a business’s Instagram profile or Facebook Page, as well as through Stories and ads. Businesses will be able to choose the products you want to feature from your catalogue and customise the look and feel of your shop, customers can browse your collections, save products and place an order either on your website or without leaving the app if you have enabled checkout in the US region only at the moment.

Add Support CTAs On The Profile

Businesses also can add a call-to-action to the profile such as adding CTAs for “Gift Cards”, “Order Food”, and “Donate” in the form of clickable buttons on your profile. When users click on it, it will be taken straight to the chosen platform to complete the purchase. These CTAs are shown on your business profile next to the current clickable option like “Message” and “Contact Us” area.

Instagram Profile with CTA

Instagram Had Grant Access To Direct Messages Online

Instagram Direct Message or also known as “DM” have been using heavily on all Instagram users, it’s also now accessible on the desktop version of the Instagram site. It makes it a lot easier and faster for people to use and response on work.

New Download Your Data Feature 

On 30th March, Facebook has announced the new data access tools for both Facebook & Instagram social media platform. Instagram’s Download Your Data tool is available within the app showing how we have been using the platform, including post likes, profile update, photo and comments. It tells us what categories of content we are interested in from our behavior. It’s good to look at our own data and study to get more in-depth insights for our content planning.

As the situation of the COVID-19 evolving timely, every consumer and business also have to stay up to date in our living. If you have an Instagram Business Profile for your business, always check out the COVID-19 Business Resources section of the account to get the latest tools and update that can help during this time.

Tinker Society Instagram Profile


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