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8 Incredible Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is a leading sales platform for brands. If you have not yet jumped onto Instagram’s bandwagon, you are missing out on a lot of great opportunities.

You must get your brand or business on IG immediately, no matter what industry you are in. Here’s why.

  1. Constantly increase of people on the social platform – According to Instagram, it has over 1 billion users are active every single month. With that amount of available eyeballs, there is no limit a business can reach online with a dedicated Instagram strategy. Social media users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on at least 8 social networks and messaging apps. Social networks have transformed the marketing industry to divert their marketing strategies to target the platform users as a pool of potential new and existing customers. A fashion brand from Europe Missguided has built a 6.5 million community on Instagram, the account highlighted content stories including the latest “Stay at Home”, “New In”, “Playboy Collection”, “Fun Shit”, “Tutorials How To” and so on. A mix of promotions, lifestyle post, user-generated post, and meme-like content to keep the output fresh and engaged. Missguided Instagram
  2. A platform to portray your brand story without limitation – During the passed brands only can communicate through tv ad, prints ad or another medium channel. Ever since the born of the internet, brands get to own their channel to communicate and tell its own story, including a brand’s website and brand’s social media channel. Brand no longer 100% depending on the media channel with the high cost, limited room of words, space and time to showcase the brand story and products to the customer. It’s an ultimate owned media solutions for every business to put a face to the brand. Lush Cosmetics has a very well managed social media brand account on Instagram with over 4.4 million online community, they have a great public relation practice to produce quality and meaningful contents across their social media with excellent communication message delivered.                     Lush Cosmetics Instagram
  3. Any size of business can thrive –  Whether it is a hobby driven startup business, any large and well-known company or any industry can definitely have their own website and social media channels to gain brand awareness, increase traffics and build an online community. Success never comes overnight, but to keep an active presence online with a dedicated plan from nobody to somebody. Recently, there’s a new local homemade kimchi brand started since 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The brand has created a good impression of traffics especially during the locked down period around April 2020, as there are more people staying home and looking for some snacks delivery and more supportive towards local small business. Hyokimchi Instagram
  4. Stay up-to-date with consumer trends –  Online and social media platform is a real-time update platform, every user post a status update from any time and anywhere they like. From a business perspective, this is a golden pie to tap on to get more useful insights and consumer trends online. Every brand has its ideal buyer in mind, with consumer trends we will get to know what to produce that buyer will like.  As consumer increasingly consume and share content online, brands can utilise the insights from website behaviour, web search patterns and social media conversations to strengthen your business planning. During the country locked down, there was a trend on Instagram about making “Dalgona Coffee” at home. The trend has triggered consumer interest on the “how-to” and also the curiosity of the drinks hence The Black Whale has tapped on the trend and launched “Dalgona Series” drinks collection. Other than Black Whale, Chatime Malaysia has also launched a similar “Dalgona Series” of drinks. Black Whale Dalgona Series
  5. Business can make money directly from Instagram – Instagram has evolved from time to time started as a simple photo-sharing platform and quickly rose to a most influential app in our generation. On 20th May 2020, Instagram has officially announced the launch of “Shops”. Consumers can access a business Instagram profile or Facebook to browse the products on the Instagram platform directly, but this feature only available on US area only for the time being. Instagram Shopping
  6. Business can partner with Influencers on Instagram – Bloggers were already popular on in 2010, but Instagram has even achieved another level new breed of Influencer. With one visual and caption, they were able to make and published bite-sized content regularly with the followers. For those not in the know, Influencers are the online new celebrities who often promote a brand or product on the platform which can make an influence of action and awareness. Juwei Teoh, a local social media darling to a pop singer. She often posts about her lifestyle, fashion, fitness and made her an influential personality on Instagram.                 Juwei Teoh Instagram
  7. Your competitors are on Instagram – Your competitors are on Instagram if you don’t have an Instagram account for your brand then you are on the lose side, giving them a competitive edge. You can also use Instagram to keep an eye on your competitors’ activities, you can use the information to better define your own business strategy. If you are stuck on what kind of contents to create on social media, you can also look at what competitor are doing.
  8. You can attract talents to join your team – Recruiting talent is a very crucial challenge to many businesses, same goes to us. Tinker Society as a social media agency, we constantly seeking for creative talents including content creator, campaign strategist, copywritter, graphic designer, animator, brand manager and etc. All the contents we have created on our social media platform portray an impression to viewers and build brand love. If they love your brand, they will love your brand culture and would love to work at your company. Both Instagram and LinkedIn is a very great and professional social networking platform for every company to start with. Unilever is a good example of a company page on LinkedIn. Unilever LinkedIn Profile

Establishing your social media account is challenging but worth it. If you are interested in understanding consumer trends, staying ahead of your competitors, and reaching out to an unlimited number of people, waste no more time— Set up an IG business account today and let us know if you need any help while doing that.