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How To Set Up Instagram Food Order Button And Gift Card Stickers

Instagram has launched a game-changing new feature that allows users to click ordering food on the platform itself, specially created during the COVID-19 global pandemic incident. For the Malaysia region, the application has partnered with Grab Food & Food Panda for “Food Order Button” and Fave for “Gift Cards Sticker“. What’s even better these button and stickers are all FREE to use without any backend commission charges from the social media application provider.

All the food & beverage brands are now encouraged to utilise these features to enhance their marketing and promotion performance. All these buttons and stickers are linked with the food delivery partner to complete the order flow. The audience also can re-share the stickers in their own stories to help spread the awareness of the new offering.

When your Instagram Stories post with either “Food Order Sticker” or “Gift Cards Sticker”, the viewer will be able to tap on the sticker and lead to complete the order. The process will lead them to choose an option to make the order or add the sticker to their own Instagram Story.

When you choose to order, it will bring you to a third-party application the business has chosen to complete the transaction.

Chun Yang Food Order Sticker

How to Use the Instagram Food Order Button

It is super easy to set up the food order sticker because it works just like the usual customised Instagram sticker. You can choose an aesthetically pleasant photo from your library, upload it to your Insta stories, click on the sticker icon and select “Food Order”, choose your delivery partner, and publish it! Additionally, you also has the option to add the “Food Orders” as a call-to-action button on your Instagram Business Profile. In order to do this, head to your business profile and tap edit profile, and then tap the action button to confirm your option to choose “Order Food”. It turns out like the below Juice Works Instagram Profile showing “Order Food” button on the page. 

Juice Works Instagram Profile

How To Add Gift Cards Sticker To Instagram Stories

 To use the “Gift Cards Sticker, start by uploading your visually appealing product photo or video, open the sticker tray and tap the sticker icon, select your gift card partner to add it on your story. Additionally, this adorable gift cards sticker can also be added to the profile.  Just like the “food order” button, go to your Instagram profile, tap edit profile, go to action buttons and under the select a button, you can choose the Gift Cards.

Instagram Stories Sticker


However, If you don’t see them in your Instagram Stories feature, try to update your Instagram to the latest version. If you have access to the latest sticker feature, you will see them in your sticker section and clearly labelled as “Food Orders” and “Gift Cards”.

Here are some extra tips :

# 1 Highlight what is new from the menu timely, you can always share with your audiences to let them know the latest recipe, any special meals that they will be looking forward to. Well, you can also always remind them about their all-time favourite too!

# 2 Ask customers or audiences to share and tag, encourage your followers to spread the word for you, your supporters will feel more than happy to contribute some little help of word-of-mouth on social media by telling them how much it is their little effort meant to you!

#3 Active reviewing can be seen as a great way to interact and connect with your customers! You can repost the customer’s story to gain more publicity.

#4 Hashtag is always a great feature when it comes to organic marketing exposure. You can definitely start a #supportsmallbusiness to reach more targeted audiences.

Even we need to maintain social distancing, we can still support the small family business online. So, expect to see plenty of “Order Now” button popping out from your Instagram Stories, in order to support our local small businesses place your food order as much as you can!

Do not miss out on any useful tips that we will share with you again, check out us at here! See you again!