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How To Use Instagram AR Filters For Campaigns

AR Filter is one of the most powerful viral marketing tools in recent years and Instagram has fully opened the platform to branded AR Filter last year August 2019. So, it’s still considered a pretty new marketing tool and not many marketers have tried to work on an Instagram Filter campaign. Hence, to understand how to launch an effective campaign with Instagram AR Filter and measure the ROI can be a challenge. Anyhow, we have to understand how can we make our Instagram AR Filter found and shared by the audience and measure the audience engagement that our branded AR experience receives.

Businesses now have to opt for strong and latest social media strategies instead of developing a solely traditional marketing plan. Instagram has partnered up with Spark AR and making AR more accessible to everyone. Everyone is now able to create a custom AR Filter for your brand and upload it to Instagram for other users to enjoy with no cost.

Why Launch An Instagram AR Filters Campaign?

A lot of companies that are not very frontier of social media marketing may feel not ready or necessary to launch their own AR face filter campaign on Instagram. This is because most of them felt they are lack of expertise and ending with a lack of understanding of what results in a successful Instagram AR Filter campaign could bring to their business. With Instagram, all your filters will be published on your brand account profile and stay as long as you want it unless your filter has violated Instagram rules and regulations and being removed. It is accessible and can be found on a filter tab that sits under your Highlights reel as per the below image. Tinker Instagram AR Filter Feed

#1 An Incredible Way to Boost Your Brand Account Engagement

Surprisingly, Instagram AR Filter helps to attract a lot of attention to your brand. You can incorporate your brand element into the Instagram AR Filter to reflect your brand identity and created an opportunity to increase brand awareness on Instagram. Here’s what we have achieved from one of our brand “Diary Instagram AR Filter” on @tinkersociety account on Instagram – 116.2 million of impressions in a month with 1.9 million of captures and 328,000 of shares on one single platform Instagram.

Tinker Instagram AR Filter Diary Insight

One of the thing that helps brands prosper on Instagram and turn the Instagram AR Filter campaigns to one of the social media marketing campaigns is that showing the author of the filter on the top left of the Instagram Stories.  So in a way that every time someone uses the Instagram AR Filter on their Instagram stories, our brand name pops up at the top of the screen which may lead people who are interested to visit our brand profile in an organic way.  Instagram Diary Filter

All the users who used and have fun with your Instagram AR Filter instantly bond a closer relationship with your brand. If your AR Instagram Filter falls into majority areas of interest, your filter will have the opportunity to be visible in the AR effect gallery and guaranteed to help you increase a high level of brand awareness over time.

#2 Free Brand Ambassador 

Branded Instagram AR Filter is a total game-changer. If you launch a filter that is well-liking by the audience and has your brand in it, your brand will receive an endorsement whenever people using it. I’m sure as a marketer or brand owner you will know that getting people to cooperate with you to promote your brand can be very expensive. Here’s a snapshot of how our client’s AR Filter is being used by many of the influencers on Instagram.

Voceane AR Filter

#3 Minimal Cost But Unlimited Reach 

You can grow your audience immensely using Instagram AR Filter and it only requires minimal investment in the development. Our @tinkersociety Instagram AR Filter is a great success and example as you can see from the earlier data 116.2 million brand impression from just one of our AR Filter achievement in less than a month and we spent zero advertising cost on it.

How Can Audience Find My Instagram AR Filter?

When you publish an Instagram AR Filter, it will be linked and directly sits under your brand profile. Once you have set the filter to be live, it will be accessible on the filter tab under your Highlight reel. Another way you also can share it through your Instagram Stories and tap the link button on top of the screen to share the camera link via the swipe up link feature.

If you are running a branded Instagram AR Filter with influencers, you can get them to tag a partner with the label saying “Paid Partnership With” so as a partner will be able to view the metrics of the story. In addition, you can also turn the tagged story into an ad but keep in mind that once you turn the story into an ad you won’t be able to edit it because the ad is publicly listed in the Ad Library.

How To Run A Successful Instagram AR Filter Campaign?

Now you have known all the benefits your business could gain from launching an Instagram AR Filter campaign, so let’s get started to incorporate it with your brand’s campaign! When you start to design an Instagram AR Filter for your brand, make sure it’s gonna be interesting and engaging to your targeted Instagram audience by conveying your brand story and fit in well with your brand image. However, better try not to play it safe when comes to creativity and ideas of the AR Filter, because it’s pretty much every single basic idea that you can possibly think of has probably already been created multiple times on Instagram by someone else. Here’s is some consideration you may start off before you develop.

What’s the objective of creating an Instagram AR Filter – As usual, objective is an important step before we start planning on any project or work. You need to set a clear goal and understand why you want to create an AR Filter for this particular campaign. What are you trying to achieve from this? Is it brand awareness that you want to gain or you want to achieve a particular number of interactions and engagement? Your objectives should be a direction in which the filter you are going to develop and your team can always brainstorm the ideas, flow and effect based on the objectives.

Who is the audience – Even though you cannot really control the spreading of the filter when your filter has launched, but you can and you should always think of your initial preferred target audience. Think about who and what kind of personality of people you would like to attract and imagine what would be interesting for them.

What’s the story behind the filter – The consumer behaviour nowadays always love to know the stories behind every creation and topic. Think about where your inspiration came from that makes the audience feel and relate. What is your filter going to encourage the users to do and increase the interactions with your brand? A good story behind always will end with a great result.

What’s the KPI you wanted to achieve – In order for you to wrap up a campaign performance report, always set a measurable KPI for each creation. So you can always improve further for upcoming projects.

If you ever need the help of creating an Instagram AR Filter for your campaign, you are welcomed to drop us a line at wink@tinkersocietty.com