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The 7 Best Instagram Ads That You Can Learn For Your Businesses

As social media platforms push consumers toward videos, businesses that are utilizing Instagram Ads are taking advantage of the opportunity. Other than that, we also saw many other cool carousel ads, creative boomerangs and high-quality aesthetic photos that could trigger an action. Instagram ads are one of the key tools for any businesses or social media marketer and also an effective strategy that’s easy to implement with Facebook’s extensive targeting options.

What Are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are posts or stories that a business account pays to promote through the platform, it can be an image form or a video form with a “sponsored” label on top. It can also include a call-to-action button at the bottom of the post to drive possible traffics and conversion.

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To inspire your next Instagram advertising campaign, we have sum-up some good and best Instagram Ads campaign for you to study and understand.

What Makes The Best Instagram Ads?

It can be made of several aspects:

  1. Your Instagram Ad design must be attractive and able to catch the viewer’s eyes.
  2. Follow Instagram Ad specs and create ads with the optimum sizes.
  3. Create different ad especially for both Facebook & Instagram campaign.
  4. You must find a strong unique value proposition (USP)

Here are some takeaways you must learn from this article:

  1. What makes the ad’s design good?
  2. What copywriting hack they have used that you could learn from?
  3. How to apply these best practice to your own campaign?

Let’s dive in to see some real good ads examples:

#1 Surepi Official

Surepi is one of the Korean makeup brands aims to create cosmetics that will satisfy less people because each person’s lifestyle, skin type, personality and needs are different. They have run Instagram branded content with a group of beauty influencers to launch their new product. Besides, they have also shared different storytelling approach content and drive online sales with 51% improved return on the ad spent.

Surepi Instagram Ad

Objective: Surepi wanted to find an effective way to launch its new products digitally with influencers that will drive their sales online.

Implementation: Surepi has collaborated with a few Korean beauty influencers on Instagram for its branded content ad campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • Surepi has collaborated with Korean beauty influencers to create mobile optimised creative for its branded content for their ad campaign that resulted in a great performance as the audiences highly engaged with familiar personality contents.
  • The influencer as talent in the creative showcase the product with applying on their face so customers will immediately see the benefits of the product from the effect.
  • Don’t make your ad too text-heavy, the audiences are more interested with lifestyle and creative ad creative with least text.

#2 Hapa Kristin

Hapa Kristin is a beauty contact lens brand from South Korea with over 15 years of experience that focus on making advancement on quality. They have used branded GIF stickers on their Instagram Stories ad creative and polling sticker ads to reach the target audiences in US market.

Hapa Kristin Instagram Ad

Objective: Hapa Kristin wanted to run an impact and attention-grabbing campaign that could generate brand awareness and interest in the new international market.

Implementation:  Hapa Kristin ran Instagram Stories ad and poll ad with unique GIF stickers feature its brand character and some call-to-action stickers such as swipe up and order now. Hapa Kristin also used interactive poll ads to ask the audience to pick their favourite colour and added GIF stickers for visual interest in March 2020.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hapa Kristin has a strong and unique identity direction on all their creative visual, hence the audiences can easily be attracted from its strong personality and created good brand awareness through ad campaign.
  • If it’s a promotion purpose, try to create creative and meaningful content with a strong call-to-action like how Hapa Kristin did.
  • Other than interactive effects, the visual also incorporated with a human touch by showing the model dress-up wearing the lens product.

#3 Krispy Kreme Australia 

Krispy Kreme Australia is one of the famous global doughnut retailers with its classic original glazed doughnut. In Australia, the brand has launched a virtual retro arcade to release its “Throwback Party” range of product inspired by Aussie childhood classic including cookie dough, chocolate brownie batter, fairy bread and finger bun.

Krispy Kreme Australia Instagram Ad

Objective: Krispy Kreme wanted to remind the Australian Millenials why they love doughnuts through the nostalgic digital campaign.
Implementation: Krispy Kreme launched a suite of retro mobile arcade games on Instagram to celebrate the four new doughnut flavours as part of the “Throwback Party” range. Each game was inspired by the classic 1990’s video game including Finger Bun Fighter, Krispy Kart, Fairy Bread Fantasy and Choc-Brownie Bash. In order to drive awareness, Krispy Kreme promoted the games with photo and video content on Instagram Feed & Stories and people can swipe straight into the game interface on their mobile screen without leaving the Instagram world. There’s a leaderboard to track high scores of players to win either a three-month, six-month or one-year supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The brand has not been top of mind for the younger consumer, hence Krispy Kreme tapped into the cultural trends and using the latest technology to increase relevancy among the new group of targeted audiences.
  • Creating old school nostalgia campaign which is one of the biggest trends of the year that can bring higher relevancy to the online audiences that will result in higher performance.

#4 Dear, Klairs

Dear, Klairs is a Korean beauty brand known for its cruelty-free and vegan-friendly skincare products for sensitive skin customers.

Dear Klairs Instagram Ad

Objective: Dear, Klairs wanted to test new ways of online marketing to stand out from other competitors and engage the Millennials audience and drive sales.

Implementation: Dear, Klairs ran an ad campaign on Instagram with Instagram Shopping ad. The post was published as an Instagram Shopping post, they have also tagged the products on the post so customers are easier to discover and engage with the product. Then, Dear, Klairs used the post to launch the shopping ad and use conversion objective to reach people who were more likely to purchase skincare products.

Key Takeaways:

  • The campaign was broadly targeted people in South Korea but exclude people who had visited to their website in the past 14 days.
  • The brand has purposely shown an attractive and trustworthy headline with “29 Beauty Awards 2020” to increase the interest of customers.
  • Shopping ad is very good for a website conversion spent.

#5 Pringles UK

Pringles, one of the world most popular crunchy potato-based snacks that sold in more than 140 countries and owned by Kellogg’s.

Pringles Instagram Ad

Objective: The season of Christmas is one of the key time for Pringles to boost sales with three advertising approaches including brand awareness, video views and reach buying.

Implementation: To sell more Pringles at Christmas time, Pringles created a mobile-optimized video ad that is vertical viewing with prominent branding. Frequency of exposure was key to the success with the campaign as buyers coming from households have exposed to the ad more than 7 times and resulted in 50% of sales lift.

Key Takeaways:

  • Showcase the video idea creatively with talents and transitioning.
  • To keep the frequency of view high to influence consumers to buy.

#6 Chupi

Chupi is a multi-award winning jewellery brand from Irish. The brand’s goal is to make modern pieces that will last a lifetime.

Chupi Instagram Ad

Objective: Chupi wanted to drive conversions with building brand awareness to increase online sales.

Implementation: Chupi ran its Black Friday Sale campaign on both Instagram and Facebook targeted female from 25-54 who had an interest in jewellery brand and considered engaged online shoppers. Chupi uploaded its product catalogue to launch dynamic ad to customers who had viewed them or added them into the cart but yet to purchase. All the creatives used for this campaign are consistent throughout all the website, email, contents and paid social media.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every one campaign utilise the main key visual across all platforms to keep consistency and relevance of the campaign to stay familiar, stronger influence leads to a higher conversion rate.
  • Video content is more attractive and easier to portray your brand campaign to the audience.

#7 Gelato Factory

Gelato Factory is a self-nail art brand selling trendy nail sticker designs in Korea.

Gelato Factory Instagram Ad

Objective: Gelato Factory wanted to expand to the Japanese market.

Implementation: Gelato Factory had engaged local Japanese creator to create product review content on Instagram and use it for an ad campaign on the creator Instagram account.

Key Takeaways:

  • Working with local creators to create authentic content earns higher trust and engagement.
  • Using the creator post to launch the ad in a new foreign market is better to reach the local audience.

Now that you have a few great case study of the Instagram Ad campaigns, so let’s work and test out on your brand’s campaign. Click HERE to get in touch with us for marketing campaign ideas!