Instagram is a perfect place for an influencer campaign

Influencer Campaign Refresher with Just 1 Simple Example

a influencer campaign will always require Instagram stories

Influencer campaign is very important in order to expand the reach and awareness of your brand and to attract more potential customers, a cross-channel influencer strategy is what you need. It helps marketers engage with social media personalities and celebrities across multiple platforms.


Target markets jump through channels and devices, so it’s best that brands trigger customers in all the digital arenas they occupy. By making influencers advertise your brand on various platforms on social media, you’re hedging the bets that more audience members will see your content and that it will be on top of their minds when they decide to purchase.


The point is that many people discover beauty/skincare/make up brands through social media and influencers, which is why the team at Tinker Society takes a highly strategic approach to identify and build partnerships with influencers, and you should too. Let’s take a look on a good example by Tinker Society is that influencers were identified based on their alignment to the Bio-Essence brand vision and values. In addition, the Tinker team has direct relationships with influencer partners and works closely with them to ensure consistent content creation and word-of-mouth creation.


Tinker Society thinks of influencers as entrepreneurs or a genuine personality. After all, influencers act as distribution channels on the front lines that help build brands, telling the brand’s story to your communities and, essentially, literally acting as digital storefronts.


influencer campaign example by Tinker Society, for Bio-essence


Tinker Society’s Approach

We’re telling you this at no cost because most influencer marketing agencies already know this. Make sure you partner with influencers to create sponsored posts. Fun fact: many influencers specialize in lifestyle and beauty content. 

Like in most sponsored posts, Instagrammers display the products they support clearly and never forget to tag the brand. In supporting Bio Essence Malaysia, Tinker Society tagged the official Bio Essence Instagram account as part of the caption, using the following hashtags: #Bioessencemy #BioWater #Water_Pop_Challenge

Did you know? A beauty influencer is a social media user who is well known for his/her expertise on the topics of skincare, haircare, and makeup. Popular beauty influencers amass enormous audiences who come to trust their beauty advice and product recommendations. Influencers within the niche create content of all types but maintain an overarching focus on beauty.


Augmented reality (AR)

           Selfie Story Video, Tik Tok Style

           Ig Filter : Water Pop Challenge

Only a few years ago, brands didn’t have the fortune to spare on high-tech marketing campaigns that were pricey and unavailable. Thankfully, augmented reality has moved on to become one of the great trends right now, a testament to its widespread affordability. 

If AR is new to you, here’s a definition: “Augmented reality is about enhancing a user’s surroundings, creating a virtual experience that does not alienate them from their actual environment”. Thus, on Instagram, AR essentially refers to the IG filter experience (think the dog ears and gorgeous sparkly makeup).

Instagram recently collaborated with Spark AR, making AR filter is much easier for everyone. You can now create a custom AR filter for your brand and upload it to Instagram at no cost to other users.

As opposed to video platforms where it’s possible for audiences to watch longer-form content (YouTube) and auto-play (Instagram Stories), the optimal IG Filter experience requires a simple commitment— total engagement. When creating IG stories, set yourself apart from other brands by using audio creatively. 

Last words

Create an opportunity to increase brand awareness among Instagram users by focusing on your brand, which also means incorporating elements of your branding at all times (especially when speaking to your customers!). Your name pops up at the top of the screen every time anyone uses your filter on their Instagram posts, welcoming someone who might be interested in your business. In short, with the simple act of creating an Instagram filter for your brand, you’re enticing future customers to visit your profile in a fun and organic way.

Did you also know? Unlike traditional marketing methods that can only secure limited reach, the reach Instagram AR filter campaigns provide is almost limitless. To make things even better, Instagram AR filter campaigns require minimal investment, especially when compared to other ways of promoting your brand. 

What questions about influencer campaigns do you have? Are you looking to have your very own Instagram AR filter to take your brand to another level? Then today might just be the right time to schedule a chat with uswe’re great at creating original filters that win billions of hearts.