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The Importance Of Digital Marketing Agency: 7 Reasons Your Business Need To Hire

Digital Marketing Agency: An Essential for Modern Businesses 

For many businesses, outsourcing digital marketing services have become a common initiative of their marketing plan. Here’s a comparison description of having an in-house department and outsourcing department:

In-house Digital Marketing – You will need to hire at least one of the following: social media specialist cum copywriter, digital designer, photographer, videographer, ad buy specialist and influencer manager. How much all these people would cost you? The short answer is a lot. Plus, there is no guarantee that your in-house digital marketing team will execute the plans you have for your brand expertly.

Outsource Digital Marketing – You will need to pay a retainer fee to have a team of experts service your brand’s social media marketing. The team is responsible for conducting an in-depth brand industry study for you in order to develop your brand’s social media plan. People trust digital marketing agencies because they are highly efficient at carrying out the assigned tasks, assigning specific team members to deliver your marketing objectives.

  • Account Manager – Ideally, an experienced team leader who has experience in understanding brand industry who helps to create a digital ecosystem brand plan for the client. He/she is largely responsible for good client service and ensures every project runs smoothly.
  • Social Media Specialist – An executive who takes care and monitors a brand’s account, including planning for a monthly content calendar, accommodating content ideas with designers (and anyone else who should be involved), scheduling posts and producing monthly performance reports.
  • Copywriter – Someone who writes copies for websites, blogs, emails, ads, and social media posts.
  • Community Manager – The person in charge of communicating and replying to comments and inquiries on a brand’s social media account.
  • Graphic Designer – A digital designer who produces flat graphic materials.
  • Multimedia/Motion Designer – A digital designer who produces moving graphic materials.
  • 3D Modelling Designer – Digital designers produce moving character materials.
  • Photographers – People who capture defining moments (images of what defines a brand) and content images for use in social media
  • Videographers – People who capture moments that tell stories, with the goal of sharing such video footage on social media
  • Product / Food Stylist – A person who styles products and props to look aesthetically-pleasing (supports content creators)
  • Media Buy Planner & Specialist – A specialist produces media buy recommendations for different ad mediums, creates ad campaigns, monitors and optimises ad performance and produces ad performance reports.
  • SEO Manager – Plans, implements and manages the brand’s website to optimise ranking on search engines. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

As long as you choose the right digital agency to guide you, you can bet you will smile as you measure the performance and return on what you have invested in digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

With the widespread accessibility to the Internet today, digital marketing is seeing endless growth. Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience at the right time and place and with the right message. Today, all your customers are online, which makes digital marketing the best decision you will ever make in marketing your brand.

Digital marketing consists of using electronic devices and the Internet to engage in marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels including powerful search engines, social media platforms, business websites and emails to connect with both customers and prospective customers.

Digital marketing is also defined by the act of implementing a chain of digital tactics to connect with audiences, from building the business website itself for your branding assets, collecting leads for email marketing, to digital advertising. The best digital marketers have a clear plan on how each online campaign should support their goals. Different experts focus on different areas of expertise—for example, a content marketer creates a series of website blog posts to optimize and generate leads, a social media manager will assist in promoting these blog posts through organic and paid posts on the brand’s social media accounts, and email specialist will create an email campaign to send leads to subscribers to keep them connected and engaged.


The 7 Reasons You Need To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

1. Digital marketing expertise from an entire team

By hiring a creative digital marketing agency team, you gain exclusive help from an entire team of experts including strategists, designers, writers, SEO experts and website developers, all of whom possess a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experiences. All of this in comparison to having just a single in-house digital marketer to manage your ambitious goals.

2. Cost-effective

Hiring a sufficient number of in-house personnel to achieve your ambitious campaign goals will be both costly and time-consuming. Don’t waste time conducting talent searches, as digital marketing agencies hire the best brains.

3. Allow yourself to focus on business priorities and growth

As a business, you should be busy focusing on your business expansion, which is why having a digital marketing agency team to take care of all things related to marketing your brand (social media, campaigns, and content) makes sense.

4. Meet deadlines on time

Even with a solid digital marketing strategy plan in place, an in-house team is limited in what it can achieve. Thus, the deadline of your business project might not always be met. Working with an external digital marketing agency gives you the opportunity to complete your project deadlines on time, always.

5. Stay on top of the latest trends

Digital marketing agencies make it a point to stay on top of the latest trends by researching what’s trending and applying it to your brand social media’s content and campaign.

6. Gain access to latest technology

A trusted digital marketing agency will have access to superior technology tools and software that is sure to help your business increase productivity and enhance performance. Don’t spend your precious time searching and purchasing expensive softwares for your digital marketing. You deserve great tools, but at an affordable price. So in the case that you aren’t able to find affordable software for your digital marketing, entrusting your digital marketing to an agency is the best way to go.

7. Advanced and analytical reporting

A trusted agency will invest in a few powerful tools that help them to gain incredible performance insights. When agencies study and analyze these insights, they come out with key learnings to improve all of their digital marketing efforts (including the effort they put into your brand).

I’m Ready to Try Digital Marketing. So What To Do? 

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