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Influencers Marketing – Amazing Ultimate Guide in 2020

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing Agency is one of the content strategies by identifying people who have strong influence online. Influencers usually have large and engaged audiences on their social media, so brands benefited when an influencer shares or mentioned their content.

What is Influencer Marketing


Content Strategy For Influencer Marketing

Most of the people are quite familiar with influencers’ marketing now, knowing that it’s common that brands nowadays love to engage influencers to help them to create more authentic content that are relevant to the consumer and market.

It may be a bit challenging if you have not worked with them before as people management isn’t an easy task. There are many benefits of influencer marketing but it’s complicated to set up strategically, launch and manages the entire influencer campaign.

Here’s a comprehensive guide with a step-by-step process of creating a great content strategy for your influencer marketing campaign:

Step 1: Define Your Goals

As of always any marketing plan, you should start with outlining your goals to achieve. Defining your goals in the early stages will help you shape a consistent strategy throughout the campaign. It helps you with having a better idea of what metrics should you track your performance and result to measure your success at the end of the campaign. Here are some goals you may consider for your influencer marketing campaign:

Brand Awareness – Getting more people to know and recognize your brand through the number of reach, volume of mentions, share of voice and website traffics.

Building Brand Identity – Getting people to see and appreciate your brand personality and values.

Community Building – Build your audience to increase the fan base on your social media channels.

Engagement – To increase the number of likes, comments, and shares for your content.

Lead Generation – Collecting email data through your lead magnet, offers and contest.

Conversion – Getting people to make an action on your website to purchase a product or services

Brand Loyalty – To keep the audience stay interested and connected with the brand

With all the above goals, you are cleared with your result at the end of the campaign.

Step 2: Identify Your Audience

Create a buyer persona so you will know who you wanted to target and stream down to identify the right influencer for your influencer campaign.

Step 3: Pick Your Right Influencers

With your targeted audience clearly defined, you can now pick your influencer candidates who will help you to connect with your target market and reach your goals.

Type of influencers

  • Bloggers – Bloggers review and article is very helpful when there are people search information online and benefit on your website SEO as well
  • Social Media Influencers across different platform – influencers across different platform including Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn and Youtuber
  • Celebrities
  • Industry Experts
  • Thought Leaders & Speaker
  • Your Customers – also known as nano-influencer

Find influencers that share your audience, for example if you are selling a baby care product and you will want to target women who have children and below a certain age. After choosing your desired list of influencers, research deeper by qualifying them through their audience, reach & authority and content but not their follower number.

Step 4: Decide On Type Of Content You Need

  • Product Review
  • Discount Code or Affiliate Marketing
  • Giveaway or Contest
  • Branded Content
  • Tutorial or Demo
  • Influencers Takeover
  • Interviews
  • Storytelling Video Content

Step 5: Track & Analyze Your Result

At the end of an influencer campaign, It’s easy to feel satisfied when seeing lots of people share and shout about your brand on social media. However, such isn’t the ultimate sign of success. Your real success is determined by whether or not you have reached the goals you set earlier.

Now that you have learned the basics of influencer marketing, apply them to your next campaign. If this article has left you with more questions, feel free to contact us for expert opinions and suggestions.