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Why Good Website is Important for Business 2020

What is the importance of a good website for business?

In our digital era, information is easily obtained online and purchases are made quickly, which means any ambitious brand should have a good website. With a good website, you can pull in a lot of potential customers, which increases your CTR (click-through-rate) and conversions. Furthermore, according to Google Trends, there has been a spike in online shopping and online transactions for food ordering, groceries shopping, and fashion sales. With such competition, investing in a good website is a must if your business is looking to succeed.

And if you have forgotten, the internet has a much greater exposure compared to any other traditional distribution channel, which allows you to reach out to your target audience anywhere around the world at any time. If you have a business, join us in reading this free article, where we highlight the top 5 reasons to invest in a good website.

1. Good Website, Good Impression

The days of relying on offline resources are long gone, and it’s hardly survivable. Today, people use the internet to showcase business information, products and services. Therefore, having a good website is important because the website will be the first impression your potential customers have of you.

Most customers browse through the store website before dropping by the actual store. In this case, your website will be the first point of contact—and you want your first impression to be good enough to lead them into taking action (to visit your store, to learn more about what your brand has to offer, to purchase your products).

With a good website, those who are impressed (and also tech-savvy) will spread positive messages about what you offer and will thereby recommend your great products and services to their friends.

A good website is clean, well organized, and includes information customers would not want to miss. Of course, a good website must also be easy to navigate. Having a website is similar to showing up at a party: You do not just want to show up (on the Internet, not party), but to show up and look good.

The following are qualities of a good website:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Good Design
  • Well-formatted content
  • Fast loading speed

2. Connect With The Audience

A good website ends up being a platform for you to share your business’ overview, vision, mission, and other useful information. It allows you to share your brand story and to impress your audience with how long you have been in the industry. A good website gives consumers a clear idea of who you are as a brand (brand identity) and promotes the uniqueness of your products or services. In addition, a good website connects you with potential customers through content such as blogs (in which you can also share latest industry information and tips).

In connecting with your audience, you can embed graphics, video, or even create ebooks, allowing your audience to download your amazing content for later consumption. At the same time, lead capture forms on websites collect user data, giving you the chance to reach out to users whenever you wish. Remember, your website should foster two-way communication, prompting users to both leave their personal information and respond to comments, which all in all promotes greater engagement (and thus, better relationships!).

Tinker Society’s website is the ultimate example of brilliant design that promotes easy interaction and engagement with users, making it very easy for users to leave their personal information.

tinkersociety website


All the elements in Tinker Society’s website promote the interaction with the user and easily engage with customers conveniently by just leaving a direct personal information for our team to get in touch with our solution for your business or needs!


3. Make Marketing Effort Easier

What better way to promote your brand and to conduct online surveys than through a website? Including links to social media pages on your website also helps divert users to your social media account, where they can check out real-time updates and stories by you. Moreover, email marketing, a trendy marketing strategy, talks about your campaign to your target audience by collecting email data from newsletter subscriptions, customer data or lead generation.

Whether it’s a Facebook page, Instagram page, or a business website, online platforms come equipped with an analytics tool or dashboard. Use insights from your analytics tool to collect useful statistics, adjust your marketing strategies accordingly and ultimately improve your marketing performance. Indeed, a good website lifts the weight off your marketing team and supports your business marketing strategies.

Yet another benefit of having a website is that it allows you to conduct content marketing, a long-term strategy that builds strong relationships by providing the audience with high-quality content. Michele Linn, co-founder of Mantis Consultancy, claims that “content marketing is educational. It’s not about the products the company sells”. Therefore, focus on making your website an open space for content sharing.



“Content marketing is educational. It’s not about the products the company sells”- once said by Michele Linn, the co-founder of Mantis Consultancy. Content marketing is definitely a long-term strategy that can build strong relationships by providing them with high-quality content!


4. Opportunities Abroad

It is very easy for people to look for you and to read up about your company, products, or services when you are online. A website makes it possible for anyone in the world to find your business. Here, we would like to reinforce the importance of having a good website (return to point number 1), as having one is sure to expand your customer base.

And because of the global pandemic, going online has now become more important than ever. JD Sports, one of the leading sportswear and sneakers retailers, has an in-house e-commerce website that lets people around the world shop at any time and anywhere for their favourite pair of sneakers, all while staying at home (thanks to their remarkable website).

In short, break through geographical barriers and become accessible anywhere and at any time—with a great website.


JD Sports is one of the leading sportswear and sneakers retailer. With the in-house e-commerce website, people around the world can shop at any time and anywhere to get their favourite pair of sneakers while staying at home!


5. Cost-effective

Compared to what you will earn in the long term, the amount of money it takes to build a competent website is peanuts. As long as a quality website is up and running, search engines are able to bring in your desired traffic, which leads to traffic (conversion, results, etc) for your business.

We know how hard it is for businesses to thrive in this modern world. It is so competitive that simply learning about websites and how they work isn’t enough. You’ll want to consult a professional in website design and development. Time is running, and it really is up to you to save your precious brand.