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Why Good Website is Important for Business 2020

What is the importance of a good website for business?

One of the keys and fundamentals of starting a business now is to have a good website that allows you to get potential customers traffics online. In this digital era, customers can easily get information online and made a purchase right away and this indicates that a good website is crucial for good business. Especially during this COVID-19 global pandemic, according to Google Trend foresee a spike of online shopping and online transaction for food ordering, groceries shopping, fashion sales and etc. 

The internet has great exposure compared to any other traditional distribution channel and it will allow you to reach your targeted audience around the world anytime. Therefore, we have concluded the top 5 reasons why a good website is important for business:

1. Good Website, Good Impression

Nowadays, people use the internet to showcase their business information, products and services. The days of relying on offline resources are long gone, and it’s hardly survivable. Therefore, having a good website is important because the website will be the first impression to your potential customers. It is common that most of the customers now will browse through the website first before drop by to a store offline. In this case, the website will be the first point of contact with them and you want the first impression to be good enough to lead them to action.

Most of the people are tech-savvy and positive word-of-mouth can spread just like how we will share and recommend good products and services to our friends with just a click to share! A good website is clean, well organized, include all the relevant information that the customers would not miss any important and useful information and of course easy to navigate. You do not just want to show up, but show up and look good!

Here are some of the criteria for a good website:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Good Design
  • Well formatted content
  • Fast loading speed


2. Connect With The Audience

Having a good website gives you a platform to share the overview, vision, mission, and useful information for the business. It allows you to share your brand story and how long you have been one the industry. It gives the consumers a clear idea of the brand identity and uniqueness of the products or services. With a good website, you can connect with customers through blogs to share the latest industry information and tips as well.

You can even embed graphics, video, or even create e-books, which can be downloaded for later consumption while you have gotten the users data. A good website will foster two-way communication, for instance, prompt them to leave their personal information and respond to comments can promote better engagement to build relationships with the customers.

tinkersociety website


All the elements in Tinker Society’s website promote the interaction with the user and easily engage with customers conveniently by just leaving a direct personal information for our team to get in touch with our solution for your business or needs!


3. Make Marketing Effort Easier

Website is definitely a great way to promote the brands and most of the consumers will conduct surveys online before make a purchase. Most of the business will also include links to social media pages that will indirectly help to divert the viewers to social media to check out more real-time update and stories. Email marketing is a useful marketing strategy to send your campaign to the targeted audience by collecting email data from newsletter subscription, customer data or lead generation.

Whether it is for Facebook, Instagram, or a business website, each of these online platforms are equipped with an analytics tool or dashboard. With the insight, you can collect useful statistic and adjust the marketing strategies accordingly in order to improve the performance. Ultimately, a good website can make marketing effort easier and supports your business marketing strategies.



“Content marketing is educational. It’s not about the products the company sells”- once said by Michele Linn, the co-founder of Mantis Consultancy. Content marketing is definitely a long-term strategy that can build strong relationships by providing them with high-quality content!


4. Opportunities Abroad

It is no doubt that having a website makes it very easy for people to look for you, read up about your company, products, or services. Therefore, it makes it possible for anyone in the world to find your business. It is a great opportunity to expand your customer base by having a good website to showcase your products and services.

The Internet is the only way to break through geographical barriers and become accessible anywhere and at any time. As we see the recent global pandemic had hit it hard and affected a lot of business drastically. Hence, going online is more important than ever now, it is safe and convenient for any business transact virtually.


JD Sports is one of the leading sportswear and sneakers retailer. With the in-house e-commerce website, people around the world can shop at any time and anywhere to get their favourite pair of sneakers while staying at home!


5. Cost-effective

The website investment is definitely worth it because it is a relatively small investment if it’s going to help you earn a fortune in the long term. The chances of your website bringing more traffic and generating more than a handful of customers are high. Once there is a quality website up and running, search engine optimized are able to bring in the traffics and leads to deliver results for your business.

Getting to learn more about the websites and how to build, so that you can predict the costs as you understand it better! 

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