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Powerful Food Advertisements: The Tale of Tinker Society and 6 Food Brands


Digital marketing is marketing in today’s world— using social media, the Internet, and everything in between. Just like it’s normal for brands to outsource several aspects of their marketing in the olden days, many today outsource their brand’s digital marketing to independent agencies. Even better, some agencies pride themselves on their expertise in social media marketing, paving the way for the art of monitoring brand accounts, curating monthly content, scheduling posts, and analyzing performance reports, all of which are unique to marketing on social media.


As one of the top social media marketing agencies in Southeast Asia, Tinker Society lives and breathes digital marketing, and their Instagram account and website depict just that— and the fact that they’ve got what it takes to set your brand apart from your competitors, from social media management, website development, and branding & design, to competitive content marketing.


Without further ado, sit back and enjoy several artistic (and mouth-watering) branding and design work (food advertisements) by Tinker Society, Malaysia’s elite social media marketing agency.


Food Advertisement 1…Fruit Smoothies by Tea Hours

food advertisements


If you think cendol-flavored bubble tea has what it takes to tickle your taste buds, check out Tea Hours, a Malaysian Bubble Tea brand. Tea Hours’ message to their customers is simple: everyone should make time for bubble tea, be it when with friends or family. With help from Tinker Society, their very social message—and the fact that they offer bubble tea in local-flavors—gets turned into their very own unique design…a design which captures the social aspect of their brand image through the depiction of cartoon people being social amidst colorful backdrops that perhaps represent the multi-colored local fruits and flavors.


Food Advertisement 2…OkayKuih by Tinker Society

food advertisement kuih


For those not from Southeast Asia, kuih are small snacks that can either be sweet or savory. But sweet and salty kuihs aren’t just delicious as desserts or snacks— they have also become an official tea time treat, their tastes and textures made legendary using uniquely Asian ingredients such as glutinous rice, rice flour, coconut milk, pandan extract, coconut palm sugar, mung beans, yam, and more. 


It is OkayKuih that manages to capture the essence of kuih in all its splendor. Their Instagram account showcases graphic designs of kuih, shining a spotlight on each kuih’s beauty and exquisite flavors. 


Graphic design isn’t the only marketing strategy Tinker Society has been applying to OkayKuih: along with your purchased kuih, expect to receive a set of designer stickers and postcards.


Food Advertisement 3…Tao Kae Noi

food advertisement


Just like TV commercials, short videos on social media captivate audiences very easily, and when it comes to advertising food, moving images work even more wonders because food is alive! Working with Tao Kae Noi, Tinker Society focuses on communicating how adding seaweed to instant noodles literally elevates the dish. Note how the added touch of sparkles makes a difference in their mini Instagram ad for this famous Thai seaweed brand.


Food Advertisement 4…Chun Yang Tea

food advertisement chun yang tea


Capitalizing on the power of influencers allowed Tinker Society to give a big shout out about their client Chun Yang Tea, in which the lovely influencers were not only asked to pose for social media ads but were also made to participate in a fun giveaway, using interactivity features to draw their followers into a conversation of whether Matcha or Hojicha is a better choice.


Food Advertisement 5…Mints by Impact

impact mints, food advertisement

Brightly colored food advertisements can work wonders as they grab attention very well.


Using the same approach used to market Chun Yang Tea to bring attention to Impact Mints, Tinker Society asked key opinion leaders (another name for influencers) to start conversations surrounding the German mints.


Food Advertisement 6…Juice Works

food advertisement juice works


Again, using moving images as ads for Juice Works Buy 1 Free 1 Campaign helped Tinker Society spark local interest in it.



Whatever delicious treat you have in store for food and drink lovers out there (and that’s everyone), we’ve got you covered. Consult with our creative team to find out how close you are to winning the hearts (and stomachs) of your target audience. Email us at wink@tinkersociety.com and follow us on Instagram for a glimpse of what we’re capable of.