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Your Fashion Advertisements Should Feature Asian Faces, For This 1 Very Good Reason

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Asian faces are not as widespread as Caucasian, or “white” faces when it comes to the advertisements we see, be it on storefronts, social media ads, commercials, or billboards. While it’s true that some brands originate from European countries where the majority are White, there are also brands of Asian origin that somehow choose to feature White faces.


Many brands, like Hong Kong's G2000 career fashion retail brand, lack Asian faces as representation

G2000’s models are White, almost 100% of the time.


Take the Hong Kong-born office clothing brand G2000— the models that pose in their fashionable career wear are strikingly White, despite the fact that they are an Asian brand. 


Perhaps G2000’s founder would argue that by having White faces, people would be more likely to think of them as a Western brand, to think of their retail brand as classy, and to associate them with being worthy of attention and money to be spent— but by doing so, they are unconsciously perpetuating the belief that Asian brands are not on the same level as Western brands, that Asian brands should not receive much acceptance, and that Asians simply cannot be as classy (as Whites).


Some might argue that many ads do feature Asian models, such as the ads by Uniqlo, Muji, and several skincare brands such as Hada Labo and SK-II. The truth that remains, however, is that many more ads still feature White models and that even in ads and commercials that showcase Asian models, those Asian faces are in fact not entirely Asian but a mixture of White and Asian


That’s why your fashion ads should feature common Asian faces: by doing so, you’re standing out. When you stand out by portraying Asian faces, your brand becomes one of the few brands that actually help its target audience feel like they belong and that they’re accepted. The moment people feel that your brand welcomes them and that they belong to your brand’s community, they’ll decide to stay loyal to your brand.

Furthermore, when you stand out by portraying Asian faces, you’re advocating for everyone to see that Asian faces are classy too, contributing to the compassionate goal of getting Asian women to feel comfortable in their own skin, ending generations of Asians feeling less beautiful than women with White features such as double-eyelids, tall and thin noses, and fair skin.

Indeed, since most brands choose to focus on Caucasian beauty, the simple act of casting average-looking Asians will help you earn an authentic following. Truly, nothing’s better than being able to both stand out and empower your target audience (who will come back for more due to feeling accepted by you).

Asian faces for a Malaysian skincare brand

Tinker Society knows how to help brands stand out.


The social media ads designed by Tinker Society are a fantastic example of just how effective and empowering ads can be when local brands use Asian faces to draw attention to a product or service. 



Whenever you’re setting up a new Instagram ad for your homegrown clothing brand, it’s up to you to choose Asian faces that truly represent the Asian target audience you’re selling your clothes (and bags, make-up, accessories) to. Remember too that Asia is an emerging market where new business and brands are constantly popping up, meaning that when you focus on the uniqueness of various Asian heritages, you allow your brand to stand out— and when your brand stands out, people pay attention and eventually develop an interest in your brand. What follows is their desire to have what you have to offer!


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