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Facebook Marketing 2020 – ManyChat box

Many businesses neglect to reply to customer inquiries, which is unfortunate since personalized experience is what drives sales.

Customer inquiries or replies can come from Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, email, or other communication channels, such as youtube. With so many platforms, managing inboxes full of messages can be hard. Thus the term “social media management”.

Furthermore, that’s why there are tools out there to help support the customer service aspect of your business. One of them is ManyChatbox, a Facebook chat tool built for driving sales through interactive engagement with prospective customers.

Connecting ManyChat to Facebook account + Setting up greeting text

Connecting ManyChat is very easy. Just visit the ManyChat website, click on to get started free and you will see a dashboard. You can connect it to all the pages in which you are an admin of the pages. The greeting text is the very first impression of your end-users have with your page, you can personalise the message on greeting text box in the setting. After finished setting up the greeting text, you can also preview it.

Many Chat

Now that the greeting text is set up, now it’s time to set up your main menu. You can use your main menu to direct your customer to outside links or stay on your page. it depends on which industry you are in, you can direct the customer to perform an action that will generate sales. When you building up the menu, you should direct people to the upper-level navigation that is the most important.

Your welcome message is the first message that the customer will receive when they contact you. To get your inspiration flowing, you can give the user to immediately access the chatbox by creating different flow in ManyChat under automation placed under the dashboard.

ManyChat flow

Marketing technique in ManyChat

ManyChat is “messenger bot marketing made easy”. One way ManyChat conducts messenger bot marketing is by using the lead funnel strategy to generate conversions. The first step in the lead funnel strategy is to give out content. After that, continue to feed your audience even more lead-containing content, with the hopes of persuading your audience to share their information such as their email address. If your marketing is a success, an rapid inflow of email addresses will occur. For this, ManyChat makes things easy by connecting various tools such as your email, Facebook and google tools together. For example, you may save email addresses into a custom field and export it to Google Sheets whenever you need it (All you have to do is scroll to settings and connect to your google sheets).

Thus, essentially, ManyChat is a messenger bot that allows you to deliver valuable content and capture people’s email addresses in the hopes of turning these leads and information into future sales. In addition to delivering lead magnets and capturing useful information, ManyChat even tracks conversions for you, including those happening outside of the ManyChat platform.

Integration of Google Sheet and ManyChat

Keywords in ManyChat Marketing

To stay in touch with your subscribers, use keywords. Keywords are a great way to automate messages. For this, head to the left side of the navigation menu and click on keywords under automation. Don’t forget to come out with a list of relevant and effective keywords. Tip: think of what customers tend to be curious about. By doing so, you are smartening your chat box into engaging with your end-user more effectively.


Live chat in ManyChat

Whenever someone interacts with your messenger bot, the conversation will pop up in your live chat. When this happens, it is important to attend to your customer personally, as people like the feeling of being cared for and listened to by a real human being. To allow for live chats, pause the automation.

Special tool in ManyChat

What if somebody helps direct potential customers to your messenger bot? That somebody is ManyChat’s growth tool. The great thing is that ManyChat’s growth tool can be used inside and outside of Facebook. For instance, you can select a variety of pop-up boxes to appear on your website. And then there’s the Facebook comment tool: When the messenger bot is triggered by customer comments, an auto-reply will be issued.

As the name implies, growth tools in ManyChat help to bring customers or leads by the messenger bot. Click on growth tool and check the growth tool which can use inside and outside of Facebook. You can select a variety of pop up box that can appear on your website. Besides that, the Facebook comment tool is when the messenger bot is triggered, it will have auto-reply when your customer comments on your post.

Growth tool

Facebook Ads + Broadcast + SMS

Facebook ads, SMS and broadcast

Facebook ads gets the right audience to your messenger, which converts cold leads into buyers more successfully. To get started, head to the growth tool and click on creating ads. Next, create a new campaign by deciding on what type of campaign you wish to launch. Messages are one of the best campaign types: Add in a message to prompt potential customers to reach out to you. This message is your call to action (CTA). 

Besides facebook ads, you’d want to broadcast your content to your existing customers. Fortunately, ManyChat has a tool for this and it’s called Broadcast. Their powerful Broadcast tool allows you to send messages to all of your subscribers. You can even segment messages to targeted audiences. By setting up ManyChat’s broadcast, you are distributing your brilliant message to the right people at the right time, which is more likely to lead to conversions. What are you waiting for? Start by creating and scheduling a broadcast post.

Lastly, if you’re looking to re-engage with your subscribers long past the 24-hour window, consider SMS. By sending short and sweet messages, you are maintaining your relationship with your audience. When designing SMS marketing campaigns, resist the urge to send random messages: Remember, contextually relevant texts are much more likely to get a click-through and thus result in a higher conversion rate.

Now that you have learned a few things about the powerful ManyChat Chatbot Platform, it’s time to explore it for yourself. Click HERE to check out more useful tips in our informative blog.