Email marketing strategies you need to know In 2020

Must-Know Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Revenue (2020)


Email marketing has always been around for good reason. It is the most specific and effective way to relate with your leads, cultivate them, and turn them into consumers, and win across all other social media agency

Throughout this step by step, we’re going to guide you through the whole process of starting your email marketing enclosure so you can purchase leads and drive sales 24/7.

Society has changed, and so are email marketing developments-and as such, you will have to figure out what works and what’s not. Here’s a roundup of 9 effective email marketing strategies that you should be mindful of in 2020.


Always connect to your audience

In your online life, there will be a point that you might have obtained dozens of offers to join a popular online gaming group. Yet your consumer profile likely didn’t fit these products, probably not similar to them.

In the new age, you have to create email marketing campaigns that are actually linked to the interests of each recipient. You can do this by splitting your email list into targeted groups.

You can section viewers based on gender, gender, area, and so on. This could help ensure that you send the correct connectivity to the relevant audience.

Check out this example of a geographically segmented e-mail from FoodPanda:

foodpanda                                                                         foodpanda


Modify the blast

Email marketing methods-like Facebook and Instagram advertisements-should respond directly to a certain reader, and there is no better approach to do this than by modifying the content in your emails.

Get to know your email recipients better after subdividing them. What appeals are there to them? What are they looking for when searching for services and products? How are they defining excellent customer service? What made them check the website and sign up for it?

By becoming acquainted with your followers, it will be easier to modify your comments, follow-ups, and updates. 

For instance, your Millennial users are likely to be eager to receive insightful but succinct messages with attractive illustrations. A great approach to do this is through blog posts, which can also be easily shared with their circles.


Why do you section your list?

Subdividing your list is found to increase your email open numbers, increase your click-through numbers, and lower your unsubscribe number.

After you’ve “identified” your subscribers into different sections, you’ll be able to send effective autoresponders, a set of emails that are sent automatically on the basis of certain requirements, that you could use to support your leads and generate revenue.

It will be much easier to know which subject lines and messages to send out that will encourage your subscribers to open and participate in your email campaigns. 

The main objective of subdividing should be to figure out how the user first got on your email list? Have they bought a product? Did they visit a particular website, huh?

There are several ways to divide and split your list into sections. These are some of the ways to get you began:

  • New subscriptions
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Rejection of Shopping Cart
  • Inactive
  • Preferences


Restrict your blasts of email

Did you know that an average employee gets 121 emails per day? That’s a huge number, and you don’t want the message to be sent to the junk folder because you’ve been too excited to get in touch with your subscriptions.

Viewers have signed up for your alerts and newsletters because they’re interested in your services and products, they want to keep in touch with your brand. But this does not allow you to bombard with emails. Think about limiting your emails weekly.


Attract the attention of your viewers, and make them feel comfortable

email marketing

In today’s society, According to Social Media Today customers are multi-taskers, browsing their social media feeds while surfing the web, and searching for work-related emails between each. The rivalry for publicity is growing more than ever before.

In a way, you ought to construct creative ways to catch their attention and hold on to it until you’ve delivered your message. You can use humorous headlines, visually-appealing illustrations, and simple emails-no click-bait at all.

You could also create urgency or using humorous ways, try “You’re missing out on amazing rewards” or “[ URGENT ] You’ve got to read this …” 

Skilled written e-mails

What would your impression be when you see a company that sends out e-mails full of typos and grammatical errors? Such errors would certainly be a bad reflection of the writer.

Be in mind, you will have to really plan your emails thoroughly – the promotion of email is no different from other marketing strategies. Spend some time to plan and draft an outline, write copies and fact check it several times, and use the tone that is synchronized with your brand.


Form a community

People aren’t actually surfing the Internet just to get fast data online. They will meet people, join in groups, and basically create a world that is as real as their offline environment.

You will need to go an extra mile to your email marketing campaign by letting your viewers into an integrated community. You can perhaps share personal updates about your life which don’t necessarily relate to your usual promotions-maybe a teaser into your daily routine or a photo of your pet?

You’re not supposed to misuse those aspects, but a few additions along these lines will help make your viewers feel like home.

Choose the right timing 

email marketing timing

Whether or not your subscriptions open and click your emails, timing can have a huge impact, so consider carefully about when and which day to send out your emails.

You’re not going to be able to work out the right time immediately but do some tests to find out which timing seems to be best achieved and pursue those in future campaigns.

email marketing timing

Through this study conducted by GetResponse, it was found that 2 pm had the largest open and click-through numbers.

The truth matter of the email send time is this: consider a day in the life of your specific audience. What will they be doing in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening? What does the workday feel like? How late are they going to stay up at night? What time do they get up in the morning?


Stands out the subject line 

When it comes to opening an email and clicking numbers, the subject lines are all about it. It’s your role to make standout subject lines.

Below are some tips for developing a creative subject line:

  • Use a pleasant, conversational style.
  • Communicate in the language and tone that your viewers use.
  • Involve numbers. Numbers are something that draws the eye.
  • Be curious, but don’t be too smart. You want to make them interested enough to open and click, but still, be clear that the subscriber has an idea of what you’re talking about.


Customize for mobile devices

Mobile email accounts for emails open, based on your target market, company, and email form. You just simply can’t ignore your smartphone users, you need to cater to everyone. Try to ensure that your email contains easily loadable files.

Always remember that mobile displays are smaller, and long subject lines can be cut off on phones and tablets.

Below are a few more suggestions for catering to mobile users:

  • Keep the formatting simple, under 600px wide.
  • Use large fonts. Small fonts are difficult to read on mobile devices.
  • Use smaller photos to reduce the loading time.
  • Don’t put two links next to each other, or on top of each other. This way, the user won’t click the wrong one.


Most of these suggestions can help any campaign to get better open rates, but don’t get demotivated if you don’t see a turnover right away. Email marketing is an application of science, so give some room for error to experiment and find out what techniques work best for your company and your subscriptions.


Let’s hope these tips will give you everything you need to consider in your 2020 plan. Now that you have learn the basic of Email Marketing, why not have a coffee with us in Tinker Society, Just leave your contact here

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