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Instagram Shop – 3 Incredible Reasons to Use Instagram Shop for Your Ambitious Business

Instagram has launched a new feature you should not miss out on, and that’s Instagram Shop.

What this means is that Instagram is now an e-commerce platform! There’s no doubt that Instagram is on a quest to turn the app into a seamless shopping experience with a brand new menu, curated shopping feeds that allow users to “Browse Shops,” “See Editors Picks,” “Explore Guides,” and “Shop Collections.”


Read this article now and be the first to discover the benefits of Instagram Shop.

1.Make Shopping easier on Instagram

With so many companies vying for publicity, getting consumers to stop scrolling on Instagram, Facebook and snap chat and visit your shop can be incredibly difficult.

What is the remedy? Don’t try to get them to come to you… take them to your shop instead.

Once they are ready to buy, with only a single tap, they can visit the product page on your website


2.Promote your product easier 

Another great benefit is that the Instagram Shop lets you seamlessly integrate with your store all of your Instagram content. Now in your posts and stories, you can weave your product promotions and avoid nagging your followers to “Click the link in our bio!” 


3. Gain more exposure

You can get your items to appear in the Shopping Explore tab by increasing Instagram interaction through some practices like optimizing your hashtags.

As these shopping posts are tailored and focused on the preferences of users and previous engagement, there will be a higher chance and more accuracy in exposing your goods to your target market.


What is Instagram shop?

When you are using the Instagram app now, it is now accessible directly from the main navigation menu of Instagram. Instagram Shop is a more streamlined way for users to explore Instagram shopping items. Instagram has found a way to show users more of what they are highly likely to shop in this latest feed, based on their interaction and engagement with the previous post.

You can integrate your product catalog with your Instagram profile through an Instagram Store. On the other hand, this helps you to advertise your products directly to Instagram users via videos, stories, in the Explore tab, and under the navigation panel.

This is a recent update on Instagram and a massive pivot to e-commerce. As shown in the image below, you can easily see the shopping bag button under the navigation panel.

Instagram Shopping Button

Now, let’s look at some Instagram shops and understand how it works!

The image below features watch brand Uniqlo and shows the Instagram Shop tab in action. This allows users visiting their profile to see all of their products without leaving the Instagram app.Uniqlo Instagram Shop

It allows your company or business to create collections to highlight your brands, bestseller, or new products that you would like to feature.

Uniqlo Collections

On top of the Instagram profile, there is also a  “Wishlist” set that curates previously saved users of shoppable items.

All of the pieces are from brands using Instagram Shopping features in each curated set.

Users will see more photos that feature the product, pricing details, other items from the same store, and how to buy by clicking on a suggested product.

Instagram Wishlist


Besides that, the new shopping destination enables users to choose “Browse Shops,” “See Editors Picks,” “Explore Guides,”  the response will be overwhelming by just how much you want to add everything to the cart!

Instagram Editor's pick


With all these new features, you can imagine walking into a store where your personal style, wish list, details, and price point are written there.

And Instagram is working on that to help out businesses in different industries during this pandemic!


What other Instagram features can you look forward to?


#1 Instagram Reel

Reels on Instagram are like the ones on TikTok. It invites you to make fun videos for your friends or anyone on Instagram to share.

Record and edit audio, effects, and new interactive tools for 15 second multi-clip images. You can post reels on Feed with your followers, and make them available to the wider Instagram community through a new space in Explore if you have a public account.


#2  Instagram Check Out 

Instagram Checkout allows users to purchase items directly from brands on Instagram, without leaving the Instagram app! This is way too convenient, isn’t it?

Customers can tap Instagram Checkout to view a product from a purchasable post and then proceed to the payment process, all inside Instagram! The first time they check out all they have to do is enter their name, e-mail, billing details, and shipping address.

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