What Audience Want to Read During COVID-19

What Audience Want To Read During COVID-19: Social Media Content Ideas For Every Industries

What is the landscape of social media content during COVID-19? With billions of people being virtually locked in their homes, 2020 has been a stressful and hectic time for most businesses around the world. Regardless of the industry you may be in, almost everything has been impacted by COVID-19 in some way: It may be a tremendous drop in sales, a change in consumer behaviour, new work routines. How else has COVID-19 impacted businesses?

One of the other impacts of the pandemic is that everyone is now online. As a result, staying connected online has become more important than ever, which is why not just individuals but businesses are relying on social media to stay in touch with others, to keep up-to-date with what’s happening, and to remain relevant in the current market. Businesses have pivoted their campaigns, proposing creative ideas to market products and services based on the current situation.

In short, content consumption is rising like never before. In this article, be the first to discover the ultimate search trends in recent times. As you read, immediately try to come out with social media content ideas that can improve your business’s social media exposure. Now let’s put our thinking caps on.

#1 Work and Education

Companies and schools are not allowed to operate as usual, so it has gone virtual overnight. Many kids are now home from school including kindergartens, primary and secondary school and even universities. Parents unexpectedly needed to guide and assist them in virtual schooling at home and below is the recent searches of the relevant topic online about homeschooling. Home Schooling Insight

Besides that, as now everyone spending most of the time at home so people started to look for something to do at home. Now it’s a great time if you are thinking to venture into online academy and courses. Free Online Course Insight

How have you been working from home? Executives and staff are looking around for advice on how to improve productivity and how to keep discipline while working from home. You may consider creating content with suggestions on how to set up a comfy home office or keep up a schedule while dealing with at-home distractions. Work From Home Tips

#2 Travel

Travel is one of the industry has the hardest hit during the global pandemic. It’s affecting country economic, small businesses that depend on tourist revenue, the airline industry and many more inter-related business.

However, during this period travel insurance had a spike in the months, the interest in the topic of travel insurance has risen up. Maybe for those who had travelled and who had planned for travel but have to cancel and wanted to make sure they’ve got covered for the situation. So, there’s a huge number of searches trend to look for information about travel insurance and how it can help them. Hence, it’s a good time to introduce readers the ways to safeguard their trips and how to apply for compensation.

Travel Insurance Insight

It’s quite strange and ridiculous that for what had happened, people are now even trying to search for and be interested in virtual travelling. For everyone stuck at home struggling with the need for wanderlust. Virtual Travel Insight


#3 Entertainment 

Everyone’s at home either finding ways to kill the boredom or trying to distract from the stressful reality of the world from work and business situation. Online entertainment has been on the rise, so make entertainment as part of your content. We are stuck at home with digital for now, so people are looking for new media to consume. Free streaming is one of the trending sites that flood with lots of people online. Some folks are also seeking things to learn online to work on hobbies and skills such as learning piano online.

Tutorial “how-to” content saw a big increase in searches and even bigger in engagement as the people are interested and connected to learn. Some other interesting hobbies are including TikTok, Dalgona Coffee, cooking pancake, baking sourdough and more. Is shopping an entertainment too? It seems yes to me though. *lol* The keyword of this term has spiked as they were over the holidays. Or you could go further by creating online challenges and running quizzes to improve your social engagement. Online Shopping Deal Insight


#4 Relationship

Whether it’s a long-distance relationship or short-distance relationship, it’s somehow affecting people to group together and seeing each other.  Couples are stuck and looking out for at-home date ideas, so what about doing a virtual wine pairing session specially dedicated for couples campaign?

Even though we are physically practising social distancing, but we shouldn’t be virtually disconnected from our friends and families. It’s good to encourage and remind people to reconnect lives with love.


#5 Health and Fitness

The concern of health and fitness has been uprising since a few years back and it seems to be more important than ever now. While staying at home, people can almost workout at home every day. You may consider sharing some useful workout tips on your social media to attract people who’re interested. As health is one of the major concern, so people would want to do anything to protect from COVID-19 virus. However, only dive into this category of content if you are the industry expert because false information can damage lives. A healthy diet and health insurance are some trending searches you can explore on as well.


#6 Home and Family 

Entire families are at home now, so many unpredictable things could happen and you can’t imagine. In an effort to keep the house clean with most of the time everyone is home making it a mess. The organic cleaning product is one of the hottest keyword searches online. In Malaysia, this cleaning cloth brand has been crazily selling and sharing on social media – Norwex. Norwex Malaysia

People who cook and housewives are feeling challenged, seeking more family recipe to feed everyone who stays home. Maybe we can share our favourite recipes with the online community.

#7 Finance

Finance cuts are the most emotional core of the pandemic, many people are laid off or can’t carry out work and eventually leads to financial worry. Perhaps sharing some “how to invest money during COVID-19” can trigger high views and engagement for your audience

If you are not responsible to share the up-to-date breaking news about COVID-19. You can always amplify joy, positivity, motivation, gratitude and love to help the community! Remember, this is no time to slow down the pace of content creation operations. It’s a golden time to connect with the mass and show how well you can communicate, and how essentials your product and services are.

Are you finally inspired to create high-quality coronavirus-content? Start researching, brainstorming, and typing now—and don’t forget to keep learning from other brands, who also sometimes leave it to social media marketing agencies to create content that is guaranteed to grow their business.