Copywriting skills for beginner 2020

Good Copywriting skills for beginner 2020

Understand the Basic of Good Copywriting

Have you ever been enticed to click on a link, subscribe to a mailing list, or buy a product? Chances are, you did so after reading or listening to something, for instance, an ad or a blog. The written word, or language, if you must, holds an unimaginable amount of power over our minds. And copywriters leverage on exactly this to influence your behavior to generate sales and create engagement for businesses. Thus, you can’t be a copywriter just by knowing how to write: you’ve got to write to sell, persuade, and convert readers into customers.

The benefits of becoming a good copywriter can obtain more engagement through an online platform and get a higher rate of conversion in return. If you are able to write an article that can capture the interest of readers, they will be more than happy to share your content out. This is why the importance of copywriting includes generating leads and sales to businesses, increasing of conversion and sales happen in this most of the time.

Copywriting is anywhere and everywhere. Here is the list of activities when copywriting is needed : 

  • Texting with your customers
  • The caption of your posting on social media
  • Writing an email 
  • Blogging
  • YouTube video description and subtitles
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies
  • Script for podcasts
  • More


Now you know you want to write, you’re faced with the challenge of how to write—and really, it is down to you what methods you use to attract customers as a copywriter BUT whatever method you employ, know this:


#1 it is important to understand things from the perspective of your audience. You are writing to convince people to buy, so try to appeal to their deepest emotions and longings. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine what it’s like to be them. Jump into the same boat with them. Some people call this empathy.


#2 It pays to do research to understand what interests or troubles your audience. Ask questions, find out; perhaps you might need to do a survey to get a bigger picture of where you can come in. You can only educate others when you have knowledge of what you should educate them about.


#3 It is crucial to persuade readers to take action. You can do this by explaining in detail what they will get when they engage with your brand. Explanation = Persuasion. Once you’re done explaining, put down a call-to-action to urge them to act immediately!

The Secret of Copywriting – AIDA Formula

So, have you heard about AIDA? Yes, you are right, AIDA stands for A(attention), I(interest), D(desire), A(action). The concept of AIDA came from Elias St. Elmo Lewis who has discovered that this principle was useful when he was writing a column for advertising purposes. The advertisement was successfully brought in a huge influence during 1898. Therefore, it was how the AIDA concept was established.

AIDA Formula


In the beginning, you should understand your targeted audiences’ interests or preferences. You need to create a bait (attractive headline?) to lure them in. In order to grab their attention, you need to do some research on what is trendy or maybe understand the problems they are facing. Curiosity towards your brand may also invite them to have a look at what your brand is about, which creates brand awareness.



Storytelling is the key to generate interest among readers. Your exciting narrative will keep them reading your post. Why in the world should they spend their precious time on your post? Here’s why: They’ve got some troubles while you’ve got some answers that can certainly solve their troubles. Make it clear that they should be interested by intensifying their troubles and struggles and by immediately offering a solution (your brand).




Show how you will settle their problem using the solution you are offering. Talk about your products’ features and benefits in a way that will convince them that you really can and will solve their troubles. Inspire them with real-life examples and other forms of evidence of your brand’s capabilities.




Set a goal on what action you want your readers to take. Once you have successfully created demand or desire, the final step is to prompt them to take immediate action. For example, ask them to sign up for your newsletter, like your pages, call for a booking, text to reserve, and more. Find easy ways to connect with your targeted audience, such as websites, social media, inbound phone calls, and email.

Now, let us give you an example of AIDA

#1 Let them know what you have got for them, ask them a question for example like “Hey, do you workout?”

#2 Create the interest by letting them know the fact or knowledge such as ” You are more likely to work out if you are able to schedule the time and there is someone there to guide you.”

#3 Show them how you can help them. In this case ” You know Jason once has a really high BMI which is in obesity due to lack of exercise and now he becomes healthier and fit after he joins our workout session.”

# Prompt them to take immediate action. Tell the customers “Join the membership now and entitled a free trial class for the first visit.”

Copywriting is a simple yet challenging process. It takes time to create engaging copy that actually converts into sales. Your first content might not be copywriting material but you will be surprised at the improvements you’ll make just by reading and writing a lot of copy (practising).

By the time now, hope you can understand the concept of AIDA and be able to utilize it to convince your customers. It always takes time to create an engaging copy for beginners to create a successful piece of content. Just start writing, your first content might not be good enough but trust me as you will be surprised how you can improve by just writing more even if your idea is silly. If you need help with all these strategies, drop us a message on inquiries and we shall get back to you as soon as possible!