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Copywriting Hacks: 5 Important Words To Boost Your Brand Copywriting during COVID-19

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If you haven’t heard about it yet, copywriting is central to your brand’s marketing strategy. After all, words can be found everywhere, from brochures to your website, social media advertisements, and clearly, in your blogs. Therefore, great copywriting plays a big role in brand success and marketing.



However, copywriting is not like other forms of marketing—not just anybody on your marketing team can successfully come out with a great copy. Copywriting is its own trade that requires creativity in using words to help sell a brand’s products and services. Thus, a storybook writer or research writer can’t replace a copywriter, as the latter has knowledge (and experience!) on how to use words specifically for capturing the hearts and minds of a brand’s target audience. In short, copywriters are cunning at grabbing peoples’ attention and at making them believe that a product or service is definitely worth possessing.


To learn more about copywriting, you can read countless articles on the Internet, watch youtube Videos (Alex Cattoni is straight to the point), or check out these brilliant books:


  • Confessions of an Advertising Man (David Ogilvy)
  • The Boron Letters (Gary Halbert)
  • How to Write Copy That Sells: The Step-By-Step System for More Sales, to More Customers, More Often (Ray Edwards) 
  • The Idea Writers: Copywriting in a New Media and Marketing Era (Teressa Iezzi)


Before we go into sharing with you our top 5 COVID-19 era words for your brand, allow us to list what we think are the essential copywriting words (which are not necessarily related to the Coronavirus pandemic):


  • Because
  • Free
  • Easy
  • Now
  • You
  • Learn
  • Discover
  • Increase
  • Only
  • New
  • Ultimate
  • Help


The words above are copywriting diamonds for a reason. A quick explanation of our essential copywriting words listed above: 

  • People love it when you explain why something is worth their money, which is why “because” is a useful word.
  • Nobody dislikes “free” stuff.
  • Everybody likes it when things are made to be “easy”.
  • Most people have many things going on in their lives, therefore insisting that they do something “now” makes them more likely to consider prioritizing your brand. Just be sure to explain why “now”.
  • Using “you” makes the readers of your copy feel that you are talking to them on a one-to-one basis, which increases feelings of connection between your copy and the reader.
  • Everybody likes to “learn” because nobody wants to remain in the dark about things, and the same goes for the word “discover”, only it feels more intense.
  • “Only” makes people feel more responsible for taking action (“only you can…”) and could also make people feel that time is running (“only 4 days left until the offer…”).
  • Everybody adores anything brand “new”.
  • Everyone is searching for the “ultimate” solution to their problems.
  • Finally, anybody could use some “help” in this problem-filled world.


Now that you’ve made it this far, we’d like to give you these words that you need to boost your brand copywriting during COVID-19.

Copywriting for COVID-19 times

How the Coronavirus looks like: Copywriting should be specific to the times we live in, such as the current pandemic.


Copywriting Word #1: Share

Share is commonly used even before the pandemic, we do realize that. Share on Facebook, share content, share the joy, and more. However, it has become more important than ever to share our suffering during COVID-19, as doing so makes us feel connected. In short, using the word “share” makes people feel they are not alone and that they can do something to feel connected—that is, to “share”. Another similar word is “connect”, but we believe that “share” can be used more ubiquitously.


Copywriting Word #2: Strengthen

This word doesn’t just have to refer to immune systems. Nations require strength in difficult times, and so do individuals. The truth is that whatever your brand is about, everyone is looking to feel stronger, which is why strength isn’t just physical, but emotional and perhaps economical too. Related words: Boost, Confident, Fight, Purpose.


Copywriting Word #3: United

We are now feeling more isolated than ever, which means that right now, people are inspired by the spirit of togetherness. Let your target audience know that no matter where they are, we are all in this together; “united”. More specifically, let your audience know that every single person is going to be okay, including the underprivileged, which is why your brand is donating to nonprofit organizations and charities. After all, everybody loves kind people and would do anything to help a kind person (or brand) grow. Related words: Community, Charity, Help.


Copywriting Word #4: Safe

When people feel united as one, they will also feel more safe and secure in the world they live in. Hence, our fourth copywriting word is “safe”. You can also use the word “secure”. “Save” also works wonders because, at present, people are doing their best to save lives, their money, and their mental health (from deteriorating). Related words: Protect, Secure, Care.


Copywriting Word #5: Research

Our fifth and final word for you, dear reader, is “research”, since everybody is seriously looking for a way out of this pandemic—and the truth is that only science will bring us forward and out of where we are right now. In other words, people have more faith in science and research now more than ever. Save your brand by centering your marketing efforts on research-backed content and by reinforcing to your audience that your products are indeed supported by research. Related words: Science, Scientific, Resources, Develop.

women doing copywriting on her laptop during the pandemic.

We’re all in this together, masks on!

All in all, these words are sure to get your copy to the next level in these times. That’s because these words have everything to do with how human beings’ minds work during such a crisis. Nobody wants to feel worried about less fortunate people. Nobody wants to feel weak, alone and threatened by danger. Everybody wants to COVID-19 to end, hence the power of using science in your copy.


Let us know what other words have come to your mind that you would have added to the list, as we’re always excited to learn new things. If you need more assistance with copywriting, we’re here for you too.


And If you found this article interesting and useful, share it with your friends and acquaintances. No pun intended!