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8 Content Marketing Benefits and Tips for Scaling Your Business

Why Is Content Marketing Important For Your Business

Content, content, content! You hear “content marketing” everywhere. Welcome to the world of content marketing. This inbound marketing tactic helps you to attract and engage with your desired audience by delivering quality content that adds value to the people who visit your website.

If you haven’t yet invested in content marketing, it’s most likely because you’re reluctant to invest heavily in what might turn out to be a fad. It’s natural to be afraid to dive into what you are uncertain of. If this sounds like you, these top benefits of content marketing will convince you of the positive impact it has on branding.

Amplifies Your Brand Awareness

If you have a business today, your mass audience is online, which means that having an online presence and marketing your products and services online will be sure to amplify awareness of your brand. Post your teasers, publish posts consistently, and place sufficient ads to reach as many online audiences as possible. Doing all these will also increase the chances that more people will try out what you have to offer.

Content Marketing Helps You Build Trust

The more you educate and add value to your audience, the more trust you build over time.

Content Marketing Drives Conversions

Companies that consistently create quality content achieve a 6 times higher conversion rate compared to their competitors who did not. All this means is that content marketing demands a significant investment of time, money and resources.

Content Help You Remain Competitive

If you want to remain competitive and win over competitors in the busy online marketplace, there’s no way to avoid building your online presence. It’s either does it now or you will be loosing in the market and that’s so much to implement including your website blog content and social media channels.

Customers Will Check Out Your Content Before Contacting & Make A Purchase

According to HubSpot’s Statistic article, 47% of buyers will view at least 3-5 pieces of content before they contact the sales rep to make a purchase. Making an impression through your content is therefore so important. Make sure you are producing quality content consistently.

Higher Visibility in Search Engines

Every single content you post on your website and social media is a page that will be indexed by Google, everyone’s favorite search engine.

Content Marketing Make Easier For Your Customers To Connect With Your Team

Comments to your content provide an opportunity for relationship-building. When customers make comments or ask questions, be sure to respond (and not too long after!). Brand-consumer interactions build lasting relationships (and converts those who are interested into actual customers).

Content Marketing Scales Your Remarketing Audience

Content Marketing allows you to create a highly refined remarketing audience that will improve your conversion rate. Of course, using tracking cookies in your website (and in Facebook and Google) are a must in order to create the remarketing list data.

Remarketing Audience Content


Besides that, here are some tips for you to get started with:

  • Be clear about your brand ‘s plans, including your brand identity, story, vision & mission, positioning, marketing, and goals.
  • Understand the audience you would like to reach out to so that you are clear about what kind of content should be produced to attract that target audience.
  • Always communicate and engage with your audience actively, explaining to your audience exactly how your content benefits them.
  • Establish your content marketing strategy and plan.
  • Focus on producing good quality content (consistently too)—Most companies do not have sufficient employees who can create and distribute content regularly. Hence, hiring an agency to create and manage content is what most brands do.
  • Always explore and be open to all possible forms of content. Play around with different kinds of content and monitor the resulting performance.
  • Build your email list through website and social media contests because by doing so, you create a valuable database of people’s contact information, which allows you to reach out to them with more stories that might just win their hearts and lead to conversions
  • Allow yourself to be patient; view content marketing as a long term strategy that demands time for results to be seen.

What do you think about content marketing? Share your views with us about what you have in mind for your brand when it comes to content. We would truly love to hear your thoughts. Email us at wink@tinkersociety.com.