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The 8 Content Marketing Benefits and Tips To Scale Your Business

Why Is Content Marketing Important For Your Business

Content, content, content! By now you have been heard of content marketing everywhere. So, welcome to the world of content marketing. This inbound marketing tactic helps you to attract and engage with your desired audience by delivering quality content that provides value for the people who visit your website.

If you haven’t invested in yet, it might be because you’re reluctant to invest heavily in what might turn out to be a fad and afraid to dive into what you are uncertain of. If this sounds like you, please read these top benefits to convince you:

Amplifies Your Brand Awareness

People are online now, the platform enables you to reach out to the mass audience online. Let’s say if you are a newly launch homegrown snack brand, you have posted your teaser and launching post on your social media and place a fair amount of ad buy to reach out 100,000 audiences online that would be interested to try on the product.

Content Marketing Helps You Build Trust

The more that you educate and provide value to your audience, the more trust you can build over time with the consistent effort.

Content Marketing Drives Conversions

Based on research shows that companies who consistently create good quality content result in 6 times higher conversion rate compare to the competitors who did not. Hence, please be patient because content marketing requires a significant investment of time, money and resources to eventually leading to more conversion in the long-run.

Content Help You Remain Competitive

If you want to remain competitive and win over competitors in the busy online marketplace, there’s no way to avoid building your online presence. It’s either does it now or you will be loosing in the market and that’s so much to implement including your website blog content and social media channels.

Customers Will Check Out Your Content Before Contacting & Make A Purchase

According to HubSpot’s Statistic article, it shows that 47% of buyers will view at least 3-5 pieces of content before they contact the sales rep to make a purchase. An impression of your content is so important and you wouldn’t want to miss out all these possible opportunities. So make sure that you are producing good quality content consistently.

Higher Visibility in Search Engines

Every content you have posted on your website and social media is another page that Google’s going to index on the search engine.

Content Marketing Make Easier For Your Customers To Connect With Your Team

Every content you have created are allowing customers to comment on their feedback and question, be sure to respond to all the interaction to build a relationship and converting them to your actual customers.

Content Marketing Scales Your Remarketing Audience

Content Marketing can allow you to create a highly refined remarketing audience to improve conversion rate. Of cause, you will need to use tracking cookies among your website, Facebook and Google to create the remarketing list data.

Remarketing Audience Content


Besides that, here are some tips for you to get started with:

  • Be clearly of your brand plan including your brand identity, story, vision & mission, positioning, marketing, and goals.
  • Understand the audience you would like to reach so you can be clear on what kind of content to produce to attract the group of audience.
  • Always communicate and engage with your audience so you know how can your contents benefit them.
  • Establish your content marketing strategy and plan.
  • Focus on producing good quality content consistently, most companies do not have sufficient team to create and distribute content regularly hence hiring an agency to execute for them. If you are interested just drop us an email to chat at wink@tinkersociety.com
  • Always explore and be opened to content possibility, try different kinds of content and monitor the performances
  • Build your email list through the website and social media contest as the people database is valuable which may be converted as your customer or extend to look alike audience.
  • Please be patient, content marketing is a long term strategy that takes time for a result to be seen.

Let’s get started, share with us your brand’s direction for us to give you more suggestions at wink@tinkersociety.com and don’t forget to click HERE for more information!