a pastel-colored macaron-topped pink cake on a cake plate.

5 Inspiring Malaysian Instagram Cake Shops That are Also Worth Following

Colorful cake topped with stars, on a cake plate with flowery design.

Cakes are fun and bring people together.

Whether or not you consider yourself as having a sweet tooth, we all know that at some point, a good cake would make anybody’s day. Spongy, sweet, soft, pleasing to the eye, and sometimes eaten cold, cakes have a way of bringing in a sense of fun, surprise, and playfulness into our lives, especially during times such as these. No wonder some people decide to open a cake shop.


While you’re at home, you might already be baking a cake, and that’s great! Cake baking is definitely an awesome way to activate your senses, connect with your body, and feel like you’ve achieved something for the day. However, not all of us have the patience to purchase ingredients, learn the methods, and follow the steps that are required in order to produce a delicious and Instagram-worthy cake. Thankfully, Instagram is filled with cake shops all over Malaysia, which means there’s definitely a cake shop that will suit your taste.


In this quick article, we’ll introduce you to a couple of cake shops you could buy your cake from. That’s because, at Tinker Society, we believe in sharing and spreading sweet things, be it by talking about a cake shop, or helping you achieve sweet brand success.


Cake Shop #1: Lilianshomemadecake

lilian's homemade cake shop on instagram, matcha flavor, with a cup of tea on the side and newspaper.

Try their green tea cakes.

Lilian’s Homemade Cake is worth being proud of if you’re Malaysian. Their cakes are entirely homemade using only premium ingredients. Unlike a lot of other bakeries, they make sure no artificial ingredients are used—especially artificial coloring, an artificial ingredient that’s typically included in baked goods. 


If you’re new, or if you’re a matcha fan, try their Houjicha cake made using Niko Neko Matcha. Fluffy, soft, and with the right amount of sweetness, their cake actually allows the green tea flavor to take the lead. 


For bubble tea lovers, their Boba cake is something to look forward to. There’s also the famous burnt cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, pandan chiffon cake, earl grey chiffon cake, orange chiffon cake, and more. 


Cake Shop #2: Cakesbysu 

Cakesbysu on Instagram, fancy design, a famous cake shop.

Head to their cake shop if you need a gorgeous cake for a special celebration.


Cakesbysu proves that cakes can be both astoundingly delicious and good-looking at the same time. In terms of design, they choose minimal colors and blend them in elegant ways. In terms of taste, theirs might be the epitome of what a birthday cake should be. Whether you fancy minimalistic designs or would rather have cartoons or fantasy play out on your cake, they have it all. It’s no wonder then that they call their cakes “designer cakes”. 


Although they’re on Instagram, sending them your order through WhatsApp is all you have to do.


Cake Shop #3: That Last Slice Cakes & Pastries

Chocolate Tres Leches cake in a cake shop.

The cake shop That Last Slice borrows from various cultures for their sweet creations.

Unlike many other Instagram Shops that sell cake, That Last Slice is actually a cake shop, as it has a dine-in option, so you can enjoy their cakes (and pastries) at their Subang Jaya store.


Their wide selection of desserts range from browned butter madeleines stuffed with vanilla bean pastry cream to teh tarik macarons, matcha dacquoise, and their chocolate tres leches cake. 


If none of those pastries above sound good to you, That Last Slice also offers banoffee pie, cendol rolls, and lemon crumble cake.


By the way, a “dacquoise” is a French pastry made by layering nut-based meringue (almond or hazelnut or both) and whipped cream over each other on a biscuit base. 


servings of dacquoise at That Last Slice.

A “dacquoise”, courtesy of That Last Slice.



Cake Shop #4: Cakejalantiung

lemon lamingtons at Cake Jalan Tiung.

Head to this cake shop for Lemon Lamingtons.


If you live in Shah Alam, you might already be familiar with Cake Jalan Tiung. Cake-wise, their lemon lamingtons are a hit. They are also famous for their unique cream puffs filled with green tea custard and topped with a chewy mochi. Through their website, you can either order for delivery or choose to pick-up at their shop.


rustic bread at Cake Jalan Tiung cake shop

You can find bread at this cake shop.


In addition, this Seksyen 4 and Seksyen 9-based cake shop is also known for their daily-baked rustic sourdough and milk bread, and their Nutella and Chocolate rolls. For those who like cakes with a sour edge to it, their butter poppy seed cake with lemon curd sells at 55 MYR.

lemon cake at a cake shop

Their gorgeous butter poppy seed cake with lemon curd on display.


Cake Shop #5: Cream & Truffles

a birthday cake, pink, with some designs.

A humble but tasty creation.

On the sweet side, this cake shop is known for its victoria sandwich cake, burnt cheesecake, red velvet cake, berry tartlets, cream puffs, and banana pecan squares.


On the savory side, it’s known for its lasagna, sardine puffs, Tomyam flavored bihun, and creamy chicken pasta.


If these cake shops have not yet inspired you, at least their efforts and success should already have. Similarly, if you’re a baker or cook looking to increase your brand awareness and engagement, look no further because we at Tinker Society have what it takes to get you there


We’re sure you already have what it takes to develop into a lovable brand. All you need to do now is to up your marketing efforts (and stay inspired by cakes).