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10 Branding and Design Trends 2020 For Business

Branding & Design Trends that in 2020 For Business

The face of design is always changing over time, that’s why if you have realized most of the major brands will have a facelift once every 20 years, such as Starbucks and Coca-cola.

The past few years in design service have been dominated with bold, minimal and mind-bending gradients

Let’s take a deep dive into the trends of 2020:

#Trend 1: Unique & Strong Branding 

In 2020, most of the entrepreneur is knowing that they need a unique and strong brand identity to differentiate the brands in the market. A brand is so much more than just a logo by thinking out of the box, building a broader and more comprehensive brand identity. Your brand identity should be made up of a variety of design assets including a logo style board, business card, website, social media presence and more.

#Trend 2: Typography Craze

Designers are playing with typography big time in 2020. We will expect to see artistic typography, maxi typography split into multiple lines, thick and heavy fonts and typography which forms various shapes.

typography branding design

Source: Behance by Lucas Wakamatsu

typography branding design

typography branding design

Customizing your branded font is a great way to differentiate and stand out significantly but before start designing make sure you know what the typography is going to say about your brand and here’s how Netflix Sands font looks like on their branding.

netflix typography branding

#Trend 3: Flat & Minimalism

Flat & minimalism along with the evolving discipline of UI/UX design is giving designers a powerful tool to help people to easily navigate the content. In 2020, will moving forward to more warm, white-and-light, beige, sage and pale yellow will be showing up more from new brands.

#Trend 4: Isometric Illustration 

Isometric graphics are going to evolve into a fully animated visual solution like an actual 3D which moves, play and attracted the audience.

#Trend 5: Beautiful Flowing, Shapes & Line 

We will see the increase of fully illustrated and animated line art patterns and designs in 2020 trends, it’s great for conveying concepts and ideas.

line art branding design

#Trend 6: Mixture of Drawing & Photo

Doodling has started a fun trend and quickly became such a hit that we see it on designs all over online. Doodling often gives people a touch of personalisation and handcrafted composition, by combining simple illustration replacing parts of the photos.

doodling branding design

doodling branding design

#Trend 7: Muted Colour Palettes

Designers are stepping back from bold colour and towards more muted colour palettes for brands. Muted colours are colours slightly desaturated with black, white or complementary colour. In general, a little earthy, vintage and home-feeling

muted colour branding

#Trend 8: Better Branded Animation 

Both GIFs and animation have grown quickly across social media platform, email marketing and website. So companies should take the time to create better branded animation contents.

#Trend 9: Image & Text Masking

Image and Text Masking refers to the art of combining words (choose your beautiful font too) and an image (or images) of your choice. Overall, image and text masking help to achieve a mysterious and minimal look both at the same time. These days, you can create compositions that consist of images and text masking using sample images and templates, which makes the whole process very easy.

text masking branding

#Trend 10: Genuine & Neutral Stock Photo 

People appreciate genuine photos that tell stories. Thus, every piece of visual art should have a story to tell and be believable. Pro-tip: showcase life-related activities using lifestyle stock images that look casual and in-the-moment.

Example: Humans of New York have been focusing on featuring their interview of thousands of people on the streets of New York City.

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“We felt like there was a big change that was going to happen. I was a student at Berkeley. It was 1968. All of us thought: if only people could just sing and dance, and not get so caught up in the idea of being an ‘organization man.’ We had plenty of brilliant theoreticians to buoy our point of view. They gave us tools to talk about our ideas. But there was an arrogance there too. We really thought we were going to enlighten those poor suckers—the older generation who went to the office everyday, and didn’t understand the world. We were going to fix them. We were going to save America from it’s greed. But greed was never an American condition. It’s a human condition. This ‘give me,’ this grasping. You see it in babies. You see it in old people. It’s who we are. It’s us. You can moderate it, but you’ll never fix it. And a lot of us ‘sixties kids’ got depressed when we finally realized this. We turned to drinking and smoking dope. I started down that path myself, until I found a wonderful job working with senior citizens in Pennsylvania. These were railway workers, conservatives– people I’d always seen as part of the problem. But they were absolute sweethearts. I loved spending time with them. That job is what saved me. As a student, I’d only understood ‘work’ as part of a theoretical framework. Something society forced upon the underclass. But work is what gave me purpose. It connected me with people. It freed me from theory.”

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On the other hand, there are some trending practices you can apply when your new business ready!


Design trends in branding is a super exciting field to learn about because it is continuously evolving to suit various perspectives, interests, and needs. If you are a brand with an amazing brand story to tell, look no further. Our experts understand the challenges you face in creating a unique branding and design for your business and are always at your service.