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Book Marketing on Instagram: 11 Brilliant Copywriting Ideas for Book Marketing

a lovely book shop should be part of your book marketing strategy.

You might know how to craft attractive captions for Instagram posts, but have you learned how to write outstanding captions for posts that are intended to market a special product that warms many hearts…books?

Today we’ll be giving out free tips on book marketing. In this bonus book marketing article (because it’s December!), you’ll have access to 16 brilliant ideas on how to write an impressive copy that will totally market your books for you on Instagram.

For more general book marketing ideas, you can read other articles like this one because this article focuses specifically on how to market your new book on Instagram. After all, specific articles are helpful articles, and that’s what we’re here for.


1.Include excerpts or quotes from the book

A woman reading The Color Purple, a novel.

The simplest way to discuss a book is to simply copy and paste lines and sentences from it. Choose sentences that stand out and speak volumes about what the book is about.


2. Talk about the writer and why he or she wrote it

By talking about the story behind the story, you are letting your target audience into the behind-the-scenes of the novel, which is crucial because when people learn about the author’s plight, struggles, and dreams, they start to feel for them, and it’s this feeling that might lead people to buy the book.


3. Connect the book’s content with current times and events

"Self-Care" book by Leigh Stein in an IG post: book marketing tip: market your book as fitting to a recent event or time of the year.

Explain how the book relates to issues in today’s world: Perhaps the book deals with topics such as child abuse, racism, domestic violence, civil wars, nuclear warfare, interracial relationships, or mental health stigma. Besides events, you could connect your book to the current time of the year, such as summer, enticing people to view your book as the perfect “summer read”.


4. Encourage followers to share their thoughts about a topic related to what the book is about

Get social and engage your target audience by asking them for their thoughts regarding the issues presented in the book. For example, if the book, on the whole, is about a girl who leaves her hometown to pursue her dream of living in a country that’s thousands of miles away, you might write your Instagram caption as “Would you immigrate to a foreign country that’s thousands of miles away? Tell us why!”.

At the same time, be sure to not get too specific when asking questions, since otherwise, you might leak the gist of the story to potential buyers of the book.


5. Make a funny statement related to the title of the book

Using humor, write a basic sentence that obviously connects to the title of the book. For instance, if the book is titled “summer boy”, talk about how “there will be too much heat to take” once the reader reads this book (but frame it in a good way of course!). 


6. Create a reader’s choice award or any sort of voting poll

book marketing: you can put many books in one picture and talk about them all in one post!

Rank the books in your store in order after collecting results from a voting poll, where you ask your followers to rate which books they are more likely to purchase and read. By doing this, you also get a better idea of who your target audience is. Alternatively, in your caption, copy and paste book reviews that are 1 to 2-sentence long.


7. Don’t just take a picture of the book

book marketing: never just take a picture of the book. Think of a setting.

Instead of just showing the front cover of the book, why not picture the book in the midst of a gorgeous library, in between a stack of beautiful books, next to cats, or surrounded by delicious teatime food? You could also put the book on a bed, or place it in the midst of nature so that people can visualize themselves being with that book. Taking a picture of a person reading that book is also another great tip.


8. Write one sentence about the central issue of the book

Discuss what the book essentially tries to bring up throughout the hundreds of pages. In other words, come out with a simple statement (not a synopsis) of what the book is about. Example: “Brave cat goes on an adventure as he gets lost in the Bahamas”.

Again, here, be sure not to give out any spoilers. After all, book marketing is not about telling people about the story; it’s about making them want to buy the book.


9. Have a Giveaway

Two books on display, both titled Wreck This Picture Book. Giveaways should be a part of any book marketing strategy.

This is as simple as announcing that you will be giving away 10 of the same books for free to the first ten people who, for instance, subscribe to your new blog or email newsletter.


10. Create a reading challenge

Announce the arrival of a new book by challenging followers to finish a book and take a picture of themselves with that book. This way, you would also be creating user-generated content (UGC).


11. Use these other book marketing tips when starting a post caption 

Three books stacked on top of each other and placed amidst greenery. Brilliant book marketing idea.

a) Ask questions Who’s your favorite Tana French protagonist?” (penguin books) or simply ask “what are you reading this weekend?”

b) Start with a general quote-like statement or a well-accepted fact that makes people think for a moment or pause to be reminded. For example, “The world could always use a little more kindness”

c) Start with “Attention”. For example, “Attention Harry Potter fans…This Saturday, we will be releasing…”

d) Simply start off as the back of a book would; like a synopsis. For example: “Madison didn’t know what she was in for as she stood up on stage….” but don’t write a full synopsis

e) Use this template: “Do you have your copy of XXXX yet?”


Other great ways to create a winning post is to take a picture of a celebrity reading the book, to put testimonials in the caption, and to copy and paste famous authors’ reviews of books. 

And of course, whatever you do (or write!), phrase every word in your copy in a way that relates to each human being’s big dreams and values—such as staying true to oneself, the importance of effort, and standing up for oneself and others. For more copywriting ideas, especially on how to write inspiring copy for your business during COVID-19, click HERE. Otherwise, let us know what you think about book marketing and the ideas presented in this article by clicking HERE.

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Book marketing is also about impressing your readers (target audience).