Latest Social Media Best Brand in 2020 

Best Brands On Social Media 2020 

What distinguishes a successful brand from an average brand is the marketing campaign. Successful brands invest in their marketing campaigns and come up with a strategy that is the best course for their business.

As an owner of a business, you need to be updated with the latest marketing strategies. These days the strongest brands have adopted a social media marketing strategy that has been successful in making their brand known to wider audiences.

Don’t take the power of social media agency for granted as it can do wonders for your business. The best brands utilize the tools at their disposal in a strategic way that makes their business successful.

Here are some of the top brands that have utilized a successful social media marketing strategy.

Brands with the best social media marketing strategies


1. NikeNike Social Media

Their marketing strategy on Instagram is superb. Their account has more than eighty-seven million followers and they use basic human emotions to entice motivation in a person that helps them in buying products.

Nike’s marketing team knows that there is a lot of clutter on social media and so instead of posting about products they emotionally influence people into buying their products.

In essence, they curate a bond with their customers through their Instagram account by selling much bigger things such as dreams than products. Their captions will keep you hooked with a call for action and their photography content is even more motivating.


2. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co

They have changed the game for accessories and watch brands on Instagram with their social media marketing. They use modern visuals to hook the customer and employ the art of storytelling to create a modern brand identity.

They have used their brand color to enhance their Instagram feed that is both aesthetically pleasing and captivating. Through this strategy Tiffany & Co. now has more traffic than any other competitor of theirs.


3. AsosAsos-Online Fashion

What sets this brand apart from its competitors is the fact that Asos has a very inclusive social media campaign. Yes, many brands are doing this now but they were the first few ones that started such a campaign. 

The idea is diversity, versatility, and inclusivity. Their campaigns feature models of all ages, sizes, genders, and ethnicities. This is how they target a very broad audience and they also invite their fans to become potential brand ambassadors. 

Inclusivity in every single process of their business is how they have won the hearts of many customers.


4. EssieEssie

This company uses user-generated content to drive traffic. Their products and their uses are visually pleasing, so they ask their Instagram followers to tag them and they will be featured in the feed. 

Now every time you click the tagged photos on Essie’s page you can see the numerous amounts of followers who have taken part in this and increased Essie’s presence.

People who follow your brand want to be included in the process, and using user-generated content makes customers feel valued and also increases your visibility on social media.


5. SephoraSephora-online

Firstly, what Sephora did in the market was to prove their dominance. Once they did that they created trust and credibility with their customers. Now what they do is that they provide a lot of informative content to help their customers with their experience. 

Sephora partners with well-known influencers, beauty bloggers and makeup artists. These people then post product reviews and how to use different products in the form of IGTV videos. This increases the trust between the customers and the brand.

When customers are equipped with so much knowledge, it aids their decision-making process and they instantly know what product to invest in. Sephora has taken away the makeup brand game to a new level with such content.


6. AirbnbAirbnb

Since Airbnb is expansive and operating in almost two hundred countries, they can’t possibly post pictures of every listing on their social media feed.

Airbnb then collaborates with travel bloggers, influencers and celebrities to aid them in selling the experience to customers, instead of the product. Their social media is filled with the experience of these people that helps customers in knowing what an authentic Airbnb experience will feel like.

When celebrities post their experience such as once when Lady Gaga tweeted about her experience. After that, there was massive traffic that diverted to Airbnb. This resulted in massive visibility and exposure for the brand.


7. JetBlueJet Blue

Airline companies get the most hate for their services. However, JetBlue has entirely changed the game by focusing on customer care. Their social media team is very active and if any customer has a complaint or posts a query they reply to it within minutes.

Such a fast and amazing customer service makes customers feel valued and they know that their voice is being heard. They go ahead and beyond to satisfy their customers and make sure they have a top-quality experience.

Even small things like these can change your brand identity in the market. 


8. OreoOreo

While you can’t do much with cookies, Oreo has tried to create engaging content with interactive videos and visually aesthetic content that is pleasing to the eyes.

They also take advantage of the buzz going around in the market, something that is also known as situational marketing to create content. This increases their visibility and engages more followers with an interactive experience.

The timing of their posts is always correct as they know exactly when to do what. Having a strong research team that knows what they are doing aids in a successful social media marketing campaign.


Bottom line

If you want your business to have a strong social media presence then take note of what the market around you is doing in terms of strategy. Your content should always be original and unique to make it stand out from the rest.

The problem with social media is that there is a lot of noise and clutter so make sure the strategy you are employing is free of such things and the focus is on your brand.

These are some of the best names in the business and learning from them will help you and your business become a success in the long run!


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