Social Media of The 7 Best Malaysia Home-Grown Brand Fight During COVID-19

Social Media Marketing During COVID-19: 7 Inspiring Malaysian Home-Grown Brands Fight

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted social media marketing and on consumers and businesses in general. The global pandemic has also turned the economy on its head and the no industry has been spared (not beauty, not food & beverages, nor fashion).

The past couple of months have shown us how hard retailers have been hit, leaving them to crack their brains to find new ways to engage with customers.

Fortunately, many brands have been amping up their efforts to engage with customers online and through social media channels. After all, online shopping is a thing, and with the Movement Control Order (MCO) in place, foot traffic in all shopping malls and public spaces has seen a decline. Therefore, more than ever before, brands need to be creative and empathetic when engaging with customers via social selling.


In Malaysia, businesses, big or small, are doing the best they can to fight the global pandemic. As a social media marketing agency, we are proud and happy to see these brands’ achievements. In this quick article, you’ll find that we have selected some of the best brands from different industries in Malaysia for you to immediately take inspiration from (and action!).

#1 Tealive Asia

One of the very 1st adoptions is Tealive Malaysia and stand as a homegrown tea beverage brand in Malaysia.

  1. Firstly, they made an official announcement of their operational situation on 17th March, the same day where the government had announced to implement the Movement Control Order (MCO).
  2. Next, they have posted their standard operational procedure (SOP) of how they disinfect their outlet and practices to keep everyone safe from in and out.
  3. They also shown to consumers how they practice social distancing at some of their operating outlets.
  4. Tealive has also sponsored drinks to frontliners to show appreciation and support to them.
  5. As most of the people are required to stay at home, Tealive also has shared a daily series of morning workout routine to own your morning.
  6. They have quickly launched direct Tealivery on their own website but limited to selected KL area only.
  7. On 27th March, they have launched Tealive #MyBubbleTeaKit in a week so now everyone can make a bubble milk tea at home too!
  8. Everyone is bored at home, Tealive has launched some fun and easy game on their website to let consumers play and win some vouchers as a reward including Quick Drink Game and Bubble Drop Game.
  9. Another amazing campaign is Tealive has partnered with Wall’s to launch Tealive Bubble Milk Tea ice-cream!
  10. Right after not long, Tealive has collaborated with Mamee Monster a snack free gifts for Tealiver customers.
  11. In May, Tealive has launched a convenient #JustPourIt packaging for the consumer to drink at home easily.
  12. Knowing the global pandemic is not going to disappear and settle anytime soon, so Tealive has been upgrading a new feature to promote #NoTouchy contactless ordering and pick up your drinks from the outlets.
  13. Until recently, Tealive has launched a new #MyFruitTeaKit after the bubble milk tea kit. Tealive Malaysia Social Media

In 3 months time, Tealive has done so much and never slow down on their marketing activities.

#2 myBurgerLab 

myBurgerLab is one of the famous local burger business around Klang Valley area as a food industry player. Ever since the COVID-19 has discovered in our country Malaysia and the government has decided to practice social distancing and locked down, most of the food and beverage retailers are heavily affected their daily business.

  1. myBurgerLab has always encouraged and reminding everyone including themselves to always sanitise your hand, stay hygiene and avoid shaking hand to help flatten the curve in the early days of the pandemic.
  2. When the government has confirmed the locked-down, myBurgerLab also made an announcement on their social media platform clearly to inform customers on the operation changes to only accept takeaway and delivery orders.
  3. Other than that, they also implementing strict SOP rules to do body temperature checking, practice contactless payment by e-wallet and so on.
  4. They have also implementing pre-order pick up since due to the high demand from its loyal customers’ community.
  5. myBurgerLab has also collaborated with Coway to give out free masks and sanitizers for all the customers who made orders.
  6. myBurgerLab also mentioned that due to the locked down and restrictions, they have also manage their operation and daily orders just hoping at least sell enough to break even.
  7. myBurgerLab has also stepped on the trend launching their version or burger home kit so you can even cook it yourself at home!
  8. The “animal crossing” is one of a hit game during the MCO period, myBurgerLab has played with it creatively to make is content relevant to the game. myBurgerLab Social Media

Thanks to myBurgerLab social media team, it’s always been active and working well on their social media all these while so it isn’t too hard for them to reach out and engage with their customers especially during the COVID-19.

#3 PichaEats

PichaEats is a catering and food delivery business that has a team of 12 refugees who cook for events and parties. However, ever since the MCO their catering orders went down to zero and their plan for PichaWedding got to put on hold as well based on the situation now.

  1. PichaEats has to switch its target catering customers from events and businesses to private households, to supply homes with takeaway foods.
  2. PichaEats also offered self pick-up option!
  3. PichaEats has launched Raya At Home menu just in time for our locals to celebrate Raya at home.
  4. PichaEats has also brought forward its fundraising campaign, the “Zaza Movement” to fund meals for people who in need. This time especially for the frontline health workers.


Chucks is a lifestyle brand founded by Jane which started with their famous self-love skincare mask in 2019.

  1. Chucks has posted a series of contents that’s relevant to the current situation including the stay home post asking their loyal customers to share their social distancing plan at home and also specially created a “Chuck’s With You” Spotify playlist to enjoy at home.
  2. Chucks also launched “Chuck N Chill” virtual Google hangout to connect with customers.
  3. They have also tapped on the Tik Tok trend to post a wash hand challenge video.
  4. Chucks has continued to launch “Chuck N Chill TV Series on IGTV to share interesting to-do at home.
  5. Along with the “Chuck N Chill” campaign, they have launched the “Bodega Shopper” bag. Instagram

#5 Whimsigirldsgn

Whimsigirldsgn is a home-grown fashion apparel brand.

  1. As an active online brand, Whimsigirldsgn always being professional and active to update important announcement and responsible statement on their brand social media account.
  2. They have also shared how they have been working remotely since day 1 from the MCO.
  3. As a consumer-first brand, Whimsigirldsgn has launch “EverydayGirlGuide” Instagram Live Series with the business owner, digital creators and everyday influencers to share more useful contents for the audience to consume during the locked-down period. N
  4. Next, they have also hosted a Netflix party for FREE to keep connecting with the customers.
  5. In addition, they have also shared many relevant contents on their social media channel such as quarantine essentials and etc.
  6. All shopping mall and retailers have no choice but to close all walk-in business. Hence, Whimsigirldsgn has offered customers to self-pickup your outfit on time before Raya. Whimsigirldsgn Instagram

#6 Riuh In The City

Riuh In The City is a platform of creatives and community as art and entertainment industry including pop-up stores, foods, workshops and showcases.

  1. Riuh In The City always gives the audience the impression of a positive and caring brand. Ever since the government has announced the locked-down, RITC posted a very encouraging content on their social media.
  2. Riuh In The City had constantly encouraged and guiding how can we all to continue to support the local businesses and creatives during this time.
  3. As people are stuck at home and spending more time online, they have launched many Instagram Live sessions during the MCO.
  4. As Riuh Raya event has to be cancelled, they have re-launch Riuh Raya but this time at Rumah to continue highlight curated selection of homegrown brands.
  5. They have brought their events to virtual such as “Virtual Floral Jam” via Zoom. Riuh In The City Instagram

#7 Tinker Society

Tinker Society is a social media agency which aims to help brands to amplify their brand stories online that connects with the online community.

  1. Tinker Society has shared several useful tips for anyone who work remotely at home.
  2. Besides that, Tinker Society makes use of the work from home time to update their website blog which is where you are reading it now by weekly basis!
  3. Tinker Society has initiated “Raya Kat Rumah” campaign on Instagram with 11 Malay social influencers during the month of Ramadhan to encourage everyone to celebrate Raya at home this year.
  4. The Instagram filter is a current trend feature on IG Stories, hence Tinker Society has been creating many useful filters on its profile @tinkersociety , they have also launched a #RepresentingYou campaign with a few social media influencers to create an inspired idea filters with them.
  5. Besides that, Tinker Society has created many GIF stickers that benefit to anyone who’s been using Instagram Stories to make use of the creatives of their own Instagram Stories.
  6. Due to popular demand, Tinker Society has been consistently to share more Instagram Stories and related tips on their profile for the follower’s interest too! Tinker Society Instagram

The widespread adjustment to new virtual environments has led many brands to find new ways of surviving.

Optimistically-speaking, the new challenges force us to innovate ways to deliver better experiences to customers, which results in the emergence of resilient brands.

At Tinker Society, we believe resilience is key to brand success. Thus, trust the challenging and sometimes painful process as it will most definitely build your resilience as a brand.