Facebook Marketing 2020 – ManyChat box

Customer reply is a very important part when it comes to business, but many of them neglected it. Your business may receive messages from Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, email and other communication channels. Therefore, it is crucial to manage all the […]

4 Amazing Tips of Facebook Analytics That You Can Learn

You have launched a Facebook ad but what are those terms and all the numbers mean to you? Facebook analytics is a powerful tool to understand end-user better. If you are spending money on an ad and are trying to […]

7 Amazing Shopify Tips for Your Online Business

7 Amazing Shopify tips for your online business There is a lot of e-commerce platform arises in the market. One the most well known and majorly used by the online businesses are Shopify and Woo Commerce. The fast-growing e-commerce results […]

3 types of Copywriting – Quick and Simple Guideline

If you are interested in writing, becoming a copywriter might be a career that you can consider. Copywriting involves creating a piece of content that is fruitful and interesting. It is not just about writing, a good copywriter must be […]

Good Copywriting skills for beginner 2020

If the cell is the building block of life, copywriting will be the glue of digital marketing that stick every single part together. The caption of your posting, the articles of your blog, design copies, all of these requires copywriting […]

Facebook Advertising – Simple Guide for Beginner 2020

A lot of people tend to spend a huge amount of time browsing on Facebook. Hence, there is no doubt that it is super effective to utilise Facebook as one of the marketing tools. It can help to grow your […]

Social Media of The 7 Best Malaysia Home-Grown Brand Fight During COVID-19

What is the impact of this pandemic on social media marketing? COVID-19 had an enormous impact on consumers and businesses. The past couple of months have shown us how everything can change overnight, hit hard especially for retailers and they […]

What Audience Want To Read During COVID-19: Social Media Content Ideas For Every Industries

 What is the landscape of social media content during COVID-19? With billions of people being virtually locked in homes, 2020 has been a stressful and hectic time for most of the businesses in the world. Regardless of any industry, almost […]

6 Types of SEO – Ultimate Guideline

As we knew, most of the transactions online or navigation start from the Search Engines (Google.com is widely used globally). Therefore, as a brand or business, we always wanted to draw in more valuable leads to the website. So, it […]

The Latest Social Media Strategies For 2020

Social Media has been a norm especially when this year 2020 kicked off a new decade with an entirely new normal life and set of control rules for everyone. Many brands and businesses planned their strategies but could not have […]

How Brands Can React And Support Black Lives Matter Movement On Social Media 2020

Black Lives Matter is an organization to fight for justice, pretty sure most of you have been seeing lots of content on social media about #BlackLivesMatter all over the feed during the past few weeks. In the wake of the […]

Best Keyword Research Tips For SEO 2020

What is Queries and Type of Queries Fundamental of keyword research is to understand different types of queries. All the phrases and words that are type in the Google Search box that will eventually pull out the results serve multi-purpose […]

The Ultimate Guide of Social Media Branding Strategies For Brands

The born of social media platforms have become one of the most effective online marketing strategies for every business to market your brand and stand out from the competitive crowd. Other than your brand website, social media often is one […]

How To Use Instagram AR Filters For Campaigns

AR Filter is one of the most powerful viral marketing tools in recent years and Instagram has fully opened the platform to branded AR Filter last year August 2019. So, it’s still considered a pretty new marketing tool and not […]

The Latest Instagram Features Update In 2020

Instagram never stop to surprise us with a flurry of new features update in 2020 including Facebook Shop, IGTV Ads, Messenger Room and so much more! While the world is trying to stay strong through these tough economic period, Instagram […]

How To Set Up Instagram Food Order Button And Gift Card Stickers

Instagram has launched a game-changing new feature that allows users to click ordering food on the platform itself, specially created during the COVID-19 global pandemic incident. For the Malaysia region, the application has partnered with Grab Food & Food Panda […]

3 Simple Guidelines to Learn The Basic of SEO

Definition of  SEO You have likely heard of SEO, and if you haven’t already, here are the definition of SEO from three different sources. According to Moz, SEO is the practice to increase the traffic of the webpage through organic […]

Social Media Trend You Need To Know In 2020

Social Media has become an integral part of people daily lives and nobody can neglect the facts. Social media has not just changed the way we interact with our friends, it has created an entirely new way to consume all […]

How To Increase Reach Of A Social Media Post in 2020

Are you having difficulties on organic reach and engagement on your social media platform and especially both Facebook & Instagram? Organic reach has become harder to achieve and as a marketer, we have to turn creative ways to get our […]

Why Live Streaming Is The Next Big Thing For Business in 2020

What is live streaming? The current global pandemic COVID-19 has brought rapid and longstanding changes around the world. In only a matter of months, we have seen local businesses and multinational corporations how quickly revolve business operations and strategies just […]

Why Good Website is Important for Business 2020

What is the importance of a good website for business? One of the keys and fundamentals of starting a business now is to have a good website that allows you to get potential customers traffics online. In this digital era, […]

8 Amazing Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is one of the famous social media channel and also a sales leading platform for businesses. So, if you haven’t joined on the Instagram bandwagon yet, you are missing out a lot of great opportunities! Here’s why you MUST […]

How To Make Your Own Instagram Filter For Your Brand 2020

Instagram filters allow you to add effect and to selfies, making your picture looks fun and cool! Before we start working on a social media plan for our business, we have to understand why are people spending their time on […]

How To Use Instagram New Features To Help Businesses 2020

As social media usage is prevalent nowadays, Instagram has always keeping updated and come out with new features to help businesses through this pandemic. Businesses have been facing so many challenges, especially during this global pandemic COVID-19 crisis. 7 Well-Known […]

Influencers Marketing – Amazing Ultimate Guide in 2020

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer Marketing Agency is one of the content strategies by identifying people who have strong influence online. Influencers usually have large and engaged audiences on their social media, so brands benefited when an influencer shares or […]

10 Branding and Design Trends 2020 For Business

Branding & Design Trends that in 2020 For Business The face of design is always changing over time, that’s why if you have realized most of the major brands will have a facelift once every 20 years, such as Starbucks […]

The 8 Content Marketing Benefits and Tips To Scale Your Business

Why Is Content Marketing Important For Your Business Content, content, content! By now you have been heard of content marketing everywhere. So, welcome to the world of content marketing. This inbound marketing tactic helps you to attract and engage with […]

Type of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business

Content Marketing To Grow Your Business Content marketing has become one of the powerful strategies to grow your business. However, when comes to research and decide on which types of content marketing you want to create for your business. Different […]

The Importance Of Digital Marketing Agency: 7 Reasons Your Business Need To Hire

Great Thing About Digital Marketing Agency For many businesses, outsourcing digital marketing services have become a common initiative of their marketing plan. Here’s a comparison description of having an in-house department and outsourcing department: In-house Digital Marketing – You will […]

Content Marketing Strategy for The Beginner 2020

Simple Guide of Content Marketing for beginner What is Content Marketing? Everyone is talking about content marketing and contents are shown everywhere in our life, every post that we have seen on social media despite by brands or an individual, […]

The Rise of Influencer Marketing in Malaysia 2020

The Rise of Influencer Marketing in Malaysia  The rise of the internet and social media are making us easier to access information and consume contents online. The rise of influencer marketing is somehow co-related with the launch of Instagram since 2010. […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19): 7 Marketing Ideas to Survive During The Pandemic

7 Marketing Ideas to Consider During Coronavirus   The world is facing a serious challenge with the global spread of coronavirus (known as COVID-19), the outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy. The pandemic continues to expand to more […]

6 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginner

Social Media Marketing Strategy Social media has taken over the world by storm. Little by little it came and became the center of our lives. Social media is one big entity, without it, it is very hard for the businesses […]

Digital Marketing Guide For Clothing Business 2020

Best Digital Marketing Strategy For Clothing Business With each progressing year, in the current era of technology, setting up a business has become quite easy. Where different sites, that assist people in setting up a business have been popping up […]

How To Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020

How to Do Social Media Marketing In the world that we live in now, where everything is completely run by and through social media, it should be no surprise that many brands and companies are looking to it for guidance. […]

Why Is Content Marketing Important For Business: With 3 Steps Strategy Module

What is Content Marketing?  A lot of people might confuse between content marketing and digital marketing, content marketing is part of a digital marketing journey. Content marketing is not easy, it can be seriously hard work but it would pay […]

Social Media Marketing Strategies In Fashion Industry 2020

Social Media Strategies for Fashion Brands Fashion is an ever-evolving brand that keeps on revisiting old and new ideas. Fashion a statement piece. You can convey a message so clearly through fashion that it gets across to a large medium […]

Beginner guide for social media marketing if you want to start a business

Social Media Marketing Guide For Businesses Everyone is on social media but what it is so good on the platform other than connecting with people online? Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool for any business of all sizes and […]

Latest Social Media Best Brand in 2020 

Best Brands On Social Media 2020  What distinguishes a successful brand from an average brand is the marketing campaign. Successful brands invest in their marketing campaigns and come up with a strategy that is the best course for their business. […]

SEO Strategy You Need To Know in 2020

Must-Have SEO Strategy in 2020 While online competition continues to rise and new websites are introduced, it’s time to rethink the marketing strategy for content and invest in the heart of a company owner like the term “Search Engine Optimization” […]

Email marketing strategies you need to know In 2020

Must-Know Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Revenue (2020)   Email marketing has always been around for good reason. It is the most specific and effective way to relate with your leads, cultivate them, and turn them into consumers, and […]

The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing 2020

The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing Totally new to small business online marketing?  Getting started might sound like a daunting process, and with good reason: Digital marketing Malaysia continues to grow. We have a list below with everything you need […]

The Importance Of Website Design and How It Helps Your Business 2020

The Importance Of Website Design There are multiple factors that lead to a successful presence online. There are different ways to look at the website’s whole standing too. But first, let’s focus on one of the most basic elements that […]

How to build an Influencer Marketing strategy

Influencer Marketing strategy you must know (2020) An effective marketing strategy for influencers helps you boost brand exposure, build authority and connect to new audiences. It drives traffic to your site and leads your products and services to new customers.  […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy You Need To Know In 2020   Social media marketing is a powerful means to attract clients and consumers for businesses of all sizes. Your consumers already connect with brands via social media, and if you […]

Content Marketing Strategy You Need To Know Before Starting Your Business

The content marketing strategy you need to know before starting your business 2020 So…What is content marketing? Content Marketing involves creating and sharing online material — such as videos, blogs, podcasts, e-books, and social media posts — which does not […]