Tinker Philosophy

Who are we?

Heart of a small agency

With us, you deal with the agency principles or lead specialist everytime. Being tight-knit team means that we’re able to spot issues before they become problems. It also means that we’re far more flexible in how we work with you.

We are in it together

Think of our relationship as a collaboration rather than just
a regular client-agency relationship. In whatever way you need help, we will find
a solution by working closely with you. Rather than presentations, you get lively conversations.

We love doing what we do

From the creatives to tech geeks, every single person in our team is passionate about what they do and that’s what drives the company.


Vision & Misson

We are here to help!

We are directors, designers and strategists with a BIG APPETITE. With our vast experiences in the creative industry, we help brands find their own unique voice that are as great as they are effective. We don’t cage our fairies and force them to work in a farming garden because we believe that people create their best work when they are free to deploy their talent.


To be one of the top creators and executioners in the digital marketing sphere and to help brands in reaching out to the right audience.


To help brands tell unique and compelling stories through thoughtfully curated content.


To live with passion, positivity and never ending creativity.


Founder Behind Tinker

Meet Angeline & Joey

Even though Angeline was expected to run the family business alongside her siblings, she has always dreamt of pursuing something that she can call her own. After graduating with a Bachelor in International Business and Management, her entrepreneurial journey began in 2013 when she founded Wowsome,
a digital event company focused on innovating photo activations for photo marketing and entertainment.

Joey has been a creative for as long as she can remember. After graduating with a Bachelor in Communication Design from Melbourne, she came back to Malaysia and dabbled into event decoration after a short while, she joined Wowsome, where she met our co-founder Angeline.

As Joey stayed on for another 2 years to gain more experience by working on exhibition design and setting up events, Angeline left and founded Lange Petit, an online pastry bakery specialising in French madeleines which was later sold off after a successful year.

With Angeline’s encouragement, Joey joined her and founded Tinker from their new found passion and curiosity of the digital world. However just as Tinker was growing, they were both recruited by Berjaya Group’s Tan Sri Vincent Tan and his daughter, Chrystal Tan to build a digital marketing agency from scratch. Whilst Angeline was the accounts manager, Joey was the designer lead in the company.

A year and a half and many valuable experiences later, our co-founders decided it was time for them to pick up from where they left off and not only continue exploring the endless opportunities for Tinker but also to start a jewellery business called Too Peachy as their passion project.




Years of





Let's Work Together!